From İZTO to Kemalpaşa Logistics Village Break

logistics center move from track
logistics center move from track

Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO), November in the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, the most important economic and current issue was discussed. One of them was informed about the start-up of Ankara contacts regarding the operation model of the project for the Logistic Village to be established in Kemalpaşa.

Speaking to the members of the Assembly meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İZTO Mahmut Özgener emphasized that they had pressed the button as a room in order to realize the infrastructure works of Kemalpaşa Logistics Village project, which they see as one of the mega projects that will open the way for İzmir. Özgener said that they will act jointly with the sister rooms and institutions for the project and said: “We have presented the project file covering our detailed suggestions and business model. We will then start contacts in Ankara on the completion of the investment and the operating model. The fact that the 1 million 200 thousand square meters area has been expropriated and the infrastructure is completed is a big advantage in terms of the implementation of the Logistics Center project. However, it is necessary to make railway-related container handling areas, to build warehouses and warehouses with rail and road connection, to establish the necessary crane and operator infrastructure, to establish an automation and management system to ensure the integrated operation of the whole center, and to have a serious cost and governance skill. It is unlikely that a company will be able to set up, lease, or operate its components by establishing a company. For this reason, the center seems to be a much more rational and conclusive approach than solving a company rather than a Logistics Organized Industrial Zone. In


Mahmoud Özgener stated that the Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak considers tax cuts to revive the markets as a good news for their sectors.

Satış Cost reductions of tax reductions will be reflected in the final sales prices. We believe that tax cuts will support the fight against inflation. Explaining the measures to breathe to the sectors affected the markets positively. Customer traffic and sales of the automotive, white goods, furniture and real estate sectors increased significantly. There have been many arrangements in many areas affecting the demand for foreign exchange. ”


The shutdown current account deficit, which is the soft underbelly of Turkey's economy is the export of a healthy way, design and R & D more Özgener indicating that the budget allocation is needed, "Aerospace and aviation, petrochemicals, renewable energy, organic agriculture, agro-industry, technical textiles, medical products, software, health tourism, such as products with higher value-added and technological content should be directed to the production and export. The Star Refinery, opened in Izmir-Aliağa with the participation of the President and the President of Azerbaijan Aliyev in October, will reduce our foreign trade deficit by approximately 1.5 billion dollars annually. We have to continue our efforts to attract this kind of giant foreign investments to our country and Izmir Ül.


Izmir is registered that one of Turkey's most livable city transfer Mahmoud Özgener, EGİAD stated that the results of the Quality of Life, Cost of Living and Wages Survey prepared by İzmir for the world-famous Mercer company were announced to the public through a meeting hosted by the chambers. Explaining that Mercer research compares Izmir with Istanbul, Özgener said, “Our quality of life is higher and our cost of living is lower compared to Istanbul. Our biggest advantage that distinguishes us is our qualified workforce. In addition to our existing potential, when we look at the migration we have received in recent years, senior executives and higher education graduates come to İzmir to breathe. Job applications from Istanbul to Izmir are increasing. We are very pleased with qualified migration, but as İzmir, we also have aspects that we need to develop and change. As of January-October 2018, we collected 61.2 billion TL tax as İzmir. However, we are not at the desired level in banking, export, investment and employment figures, we can do much better. ”


In his speech, Mahmut Özgener gave information about the projects of the Entrepreneurship Center and said that they have met with global companies and they stole the doors of non-governmental organizations. Özgener stated that they will bring together the industrialists and the entrepreneurs, yok I have the idea, but there is no funding, our mission to be the center of courage has excited all our stakeholders. If we offer this opportunity to entrepreneurs, we can reach the high technological products we dreamed of, and export them with the support of big companies. I do not believe in my imagination, I believe we will perform them very soon together. We have faith in our project and İzmir too. Bizim


Pointing out that the industry 4.0 has been talked about in the world in the technology and industry of artificial intelligence and robot technology, Mahmut Özgener said that the determination of the competitive sectors, the transfer of technology and the exportation of high value added products should be accelerated. low level of awareness. 4.0 to increase this. Computer Hardware and 39. Software Group Professional Committees, we can do what we can, we started to work on the subject. Large firms are on the way to industry 79. SMEs are a bit behind the industry in terms of awareness about 4.0. At this point, SMEs need guidance in transition to Industry 4.0 applications UM.

President Mahmut Özgener, who provided information about the Service Sector Competitiveness Improvement (HİSER) Project in the Information Sector in the IT Sector which İZTO supported with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, announced that the room was the first clustering work in the service sector with the participation of 44 company. Özgener said that a long-term study that will provide significant contributions to the orientation of the informatics sector has begun, and that the success of this study can accelerate the clustering efforts as an example of other areas in the service sector.

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