Waiting for a Ferry in Izmir has never been so enjoyable

Waiting for a ferry in Izmir
Waiting for a ferry in Izmir

📩 17/11/2018 12:49

People of Izmir, who use public transportation, occasionally encounter sweet surprises. Just like the “Genç Sahne” concerts organized by the Metropolitan Municipality on ferries, piers and stations. Finally, the young musicians who took the stage at the Alsancak Pier made the passengers say "Waiting for the ferry has never been so enjoyable".

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality organizes surprise concerts at stations and piers as well as public transportation vehicles such as ferries and metro within the scope of “Genç Sahne” activities. The groups formed by the students of the Conservatory and the music department, with the slogan of “A Short Break”, offer a feast of music to the people of İzmir who leave work in the evening. Within the scope of the event where young musicians took the stage, this time, there were pleasant moments at the Alsancak Ferry Terminal. Passengers who came to the pier to return to their homes with the exhaustion of the day, forgot how time passed, accompanied by live music. Accompanying the songs with their applause, Izmirians said, “It is a very beautiful and subtle thought. Waiting for the ferry has never been so enjoyable. We did not understand how time passed ”and expressed his satisfaction. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bornova Metro Station, Bostanlı Pier, Karşıyaka and Şirinyer İZBAN stations.

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