Vapur Waiting in Izmir was never so pleasant

Waiting for a ferry in Izmir
Waiting for a ferry in Izmir

Using the means of public transportation, the people of Izmir are experiencing sweet surprises from time to time. Just like the'n Young Stage ehir concerts organized by the Metropolitan Municipality at the ferry, pier and stations. Finally, the young musicians who took stage in Alsancak Pier, said that ara Waiting for a ferry has never been more enjoyable cul.

Within the scope of the Sahne Young Stage ”activities, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality organizes surprise concerts at public stations such as ferryboats and metro, as well as at stations and piers. The groups composed of conservatory and music students draw a feast of music to the people of Izmir who left work in the evening with the slogan Bir A Short Break ”. Young musicians took part in the event, this time Alsancak Ferry Port was pleasant moments. Passengers coming to the pier to return home with the exhaustion of the day forgot how time passed with live music. Accompanying the songs with applause, the people of Izmir said, “It is a beautiful and subtle idea. Waiting for the ferry has never been so enjoyable. We did not understand how time passed geç. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bornova Metro Station, Bostanlı Pier within the framework of Young Stage event, Karşıyaka and Şirinyer İZBAN stations.

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