İZBAN Workers in İzmir are counting the days for the strike

izban in izban workers are counting guns to strike
izban in izban workers are counting guns to strike

The light rail suburban system, which unites İzmir on the north-south route, entered a deadlock in İZBAN, where collective bargaining between workers and bosses was deadlocked. İZBAN workers are counting the days to strike. We talked to Hüseyin Eryüz, the Head of the Izmir Branch of the Railway Workers Union and the union representatives who worked with İZBAN.

İZBAN is the biggest urban rail transportation system that connects the city with Aliağa-Selçuk route. It is a huge urban transportation vehicle that trains the 05.20 to 01.23 every day in the morning. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD employer in İZBAN. 136 worker member of the Railway Workers Union every day 342 brings more than a thousand citizens to workplaces, schools and homes.

The long-term collective bargaining agreement between İZBAN and the union could not be reached. While the workers want to raise around an average of around 28, İZBAN management offered an increase of around 14 on average, far behind inflation.

In the case of İZBAN, which has no result from the mediation process, the daily good faith of 60 started. For İZBAN workers, this time 22 expires in December. However, the union 22 plans to strike before reaching December.

We met with İZBAN workers, who counted the days for the strike, at the İzmir branch of Demiryol-İş Trade Union and talked about the point reached için

Hüseyin Eryüz, the Head of Demiryol-İş İzmir Branch, Ahmet Güler, Chief Representative of İZBAN, Berkant Arda, the Representative of the Company, and Yeşim İnal, the collective bargaining expert, explained the process to soL.


Hüseyin Eryüz, Head of the Izmir Branch of the Turkish Railways Association, said, Send We have exhausted all the processes stipulated in the law. All ways to compromise have been tried and sold out. Conflict resolution. We used the mediation process. We have great disagreements with İZBAN management at the point we have arrived. G

Eryüz stated that none of the items related to wages had been agreed on, whereas the majority of the administrative articles had passed, Eryüz continued:

. The deadline for the strike is 22 December. But you can know that the government is getting strike deferment decisions. Even though the state of emergency was abolished, a decision was adopted in our business and banking business in the state of emergency. These two business lines have the right to strike or postponement. There is such a critical situation. In fact, before this law was passed, we had applications to the International Transport Trade Union ITF and the International Labor Organization ILO. We had demanded that there should be a right to strike in urban transport. This demand came full scrutiny government said, can be struck in urban transport. We went on strike in Izmir for the first time at 2016. When the strike broke out in İZBAN, the government played a game to destroy this right by making 15 an excuse for July. He brought to life an app that passed the trumps. We have the right to strike on paper, but we can take this right at any moment, there is such a situation. Gre


Eryüz said that they exhausted all the processes legally and said that the strike came to the door. We have used all the times and processes to avoid these situations. 60 used the end of the day period, 60 the first day of the conflict of the arrest. We used the mediation period 15 days, the right to extend for six days, we used it. The strike is also risky, because you will not use 60 daily until the end of the day because you will not use it. Therefore, we will consult and determine the most appropriate strike time. 22 won't wait until December. The strike will be in any case. We have no choice but to take a strike decision, otherwise our authority falls. We are not a mindless union that will reduce our power. Yet


Instead of going to the employer percentages of İZBAN, Eryüz stated that they went to the purchasing power in the market by taking into consideration the figures that will destroy the strokes that the economy hit on the labor front.

Ik We went to the employer with the demands of İZBAN employees to ensure that their heads were vigorous while they were driving, wagon maintenance, ticketing at the box office and ensuring the safety of the passengers. İZBAN laborers do not get too rich to worry. We want the people to receive wages that will provide humane, civilized, comfortable and vigorous living standards. We currently have a net charge of 1878 TL; this figure includes jackpots, fires, job difficulty compensation, minimum subsistence allowance. So we have 1878 TL, including side income. The most bully is the 2250 and 2400. They are married and have children with side compensation. These are the workers who started out at 2010, who are the oldest workers, technicians, who take the business risks out of the high. That's not all daha So the wages they receive are lower than the lowest civil servant salary. So what do we want? Our request is very simple: According to the calculation we have a family of four people who pay rent 900 TL 2618 TL spending. This family is a family that does not go to cinema, theater, concert, luxury consumption, This calculation is the calculation before the last boom of inflation. We have created a fee policy based on this. 'Base charge is more than the 20 surplus of the minimum wage' we said. So we've stepped up. We wanted 3300 TL for technicians, but the employer lifted the difference between the mechanic and technician and gave 2900 TL to both technician and technician. In other words, the employer has offered us a raise, ranging from 11.68 to 16 percent. Average 14 vard It does not pay for driving or shifts. IZBAN management has offered 28% 33 to the side income such as fuel, job difficulty, allowance allowance, birth benefit, holiday money, which we have not seen a raise in two years, then revised this offer to 33. But do not think 100 XnUMX liras, 200 liralara rising; The 13 corresponds to the TL, which is the 33.


Eryüz reminded that IZBAN laborer is maintaining a just and legitimate struggle and a strike is a constitutional right. In Our aim is not to prevent the right of transportation but to seek and get our right. Therefore, we have operated and consumed all legal processes. The strike was a last resort, but the management of İZBAN did not leave us any more than a strike. There are also those who give us the right to go, 'but do not regret, do not like the money you have a stack of unemployed people,' he also have. IZBAN workers 5 thousand pounds, 7 thousand people think there are thousand people. The public is trying to create such a perception. Do you know why? Because employers are using crafty gross figures. Even in their bargain with us, they say, 'I even paid for the food I gave in the workplace.' If you give food to the worker at work, it's your expense. How do you include this labor cost? The worker pays for the service of the worker and puts it on him! I said I could not resist, 'There are places that you've been missing, the work dress you give these friends, work in the water, the electricity used to put the money.' That's the thing! They mislead the public by using gross figures. I just said, net 1878 lira also has the work of the laborer, the most bully is the net 2400 pounds. These are real wages. We will correct the misperceptions created by various methods, posters, media and the public. We will tell you that this struggle is a struggle to get the right to a labor. We believe that the people of Izmir will meet with understanding. İzmir


The wages and salaries of İZBAN management are as follows:

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