Izmir-Denizli Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Passenger Train

Izmir skips suited the sea passenger train
Izmir skips suited the sea passenger train

The male person, whose identity could not be determined in Gaziemir district of İzmir, committed suicide by jumping in front of the passenger train making the Izmir-Denizli flight.

The accident occurred at the ESBAŞ İZBAN stop yesterday at 16.00. According to the information obtained, the person who was unidentified while the train making the Izmir - Denizli flight arrived at the ESBAŞ Station, jumped in front of the train. Citizens at the stall, who saw the person jumping, immediately reported the situation to 112 health and police teams. Health teams coming to the scene stated that the person died after their investigation. The body was removed to the Izmir Forensic Medicine Morgue after the prosecution investigation.

After the incident, the disruptions in the train voyages returned to normal course after the removal of the body.
The investigation is ongoing.

📩 06/11/2018 10:47

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