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Reaching the "highest number of passengers carried in a day" with 73 thousand people on the Republic Day, İZDENİZ broke a monthly record with 1 million 514 thousand passengers in October.

Turkey's youngest and serving the most modern fleet of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Izdemir your DG, fleet in leveraging maximum advantage of the 15 cruise ships in 2013, 18 is the number of leased ships, in 2018 "just peak hours" lowered to 5 to be used. Despite this, the rate of voyage in the last 1 year reached 99,72%. When the first 2013 months of 10 and the first 2018 months of 10 were compared, it was seen that the total number of ships decreased by 17 percent, while the number of passengers carried increased by 20 percent. The number of monthly voyages in the same period also increased from 5194 to 5428.

İZDENİZ reached "the highest number of passengers carried in a day" with 29 thousand people on October 73, when the Republic Day was celebrated. In October, a monthly record was broken with 1 million 514 thousand passengers. With 16 million passengers expected at the end of the year, İZDENİZ is getting ready to break a new record.

The number of chartered ships decreased from 9 to 5
İZDENİZ said in a statement:
“The voyage plan we are conducting in order to offer comfortable, safe and timely sea transportation to Izmir residents is planned with 18 ships, taking into account the intensity of the morning and evening hours. Since 15 out of 1 ships we own are out of planning for routine maintenance and 1 to be commissioned in case of a momentary breakdown, voyages are carried out with 13 ships. Chartering is used for the 5 ships needed. These ships, which are rented only for peak hours, are paid for the hours they work, thanks to this method, our institution gets rid of unnecessary investment costs that may arise from purchasing extra ships. Renting the ships needed for 1-2 hours a day, rather than purchasing, is a practice aimed at protecting the interests of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and therefore the city dwellers. Therefore, it is also important to consider the issue in the light of the concrete data of business science and to consider the rate of travel of the General Directorate of İZDENİZ, which reached 1% in the last 99,72 year.

On the other hand, the return of the 15 ship is still fixed with numbers. With our new fleet, we carry fewer and more passengers and more passengers.

While there are such concrete facts, we would like to share with the public that the deliberate publications about our chartered ships do not have the slightest seriousness and scientificity. We recommend those who want to make a sincere contribution to the sea transportation of Izmir, to take action on the Bostanlı Fisherman's Shelter, which we have been requesting for for years and could not get the allocation, and the Urla voyage permit, which has been awaited for more than a year without any justification so that our fleet can sleep safely. "

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