İZBAN Employees 10 Goes to Strike in December

Workers in 10 go on strike
Workers in 10 go on strike

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD's joint organization, İZBAN, the executives and the Turkish Labor-affiliated Demiryol-İş union of the fourth period of the collective bargaining contract negotiations were blocked, and the union last week, the whole İZBAN stations and the general directorate had hung the decision to strike.

IZBAN employees of the railway-business member 10 announced that they will strike on December.

In TUSC negotiations, which are closely related to 342 workers, including mechanic, technician, technician, station operator and box office worker, no agreement could be reached in the 63 clause of the draft 24 article. In response to the demand for 27, the directors of İZBAN suggested an increase in the inflation rate of 12-13 for the first year and the inflation rate for the second year.

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