Istanbul's New Train Drivers Ready for Execution

new train drivers in istanbul
new train drivers in istanbul

23 organized by Metro Istanbul. 58 train drivers who successfully completed the Term Train Drivers Training were given their brothers with a ceremony. The ceremony was attended by our General Manager Kasım Kutlu, our Assistant General Managers, trainers, train drivers who took their patents and the families of train drivers.

Professor Dr. At the opening of the Bröve ceremony held at Adem Baştürk Cultural Center, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled People Esenler Center for the Handicapped Students Music Group; their performances fascinated the guests. After the music feast, students and trainers were presented with gifts in memory of the day.

Mr. Pınar Karim, the Deputy General Manager of Financial and Administrative Affairs, was invited to the stage to make his speeches after the opening speech. Kasım Kutlu said in his speech: “After a hard training period, we are together with our brothers who have been certified. We aim to keep the quality of service constantly high and we are proud and proud to offer a friendly service to Istanbul residents. ” He congratulated all train drivers who successfully completed their training.

After the speeches, train drivers who successfully completed their trainings were delivered their licenses. Following the issuance of the certificates, the program was completed by taking a family photo of all managers, trainers and train drivers.

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