I Read Istanbul Project Started

I'm reading Istanbul project started
I'm reading Istanbul project started

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Martyr Pilot Muzaffer Erdonmez Secondary School started the project Pilot I'm Reading Istanbul mez by reading a book with 5 / C class students.

Governor Yerlikaya started the esi I Read Istanbul Project ised, which was initiated by the Provincial Directorate of National Education and carried out at the 1686 secondary school and 1827 high school in the province.

Bakırköy Şehit Pilot Muzaffer Erdönmez Middle School who visited Yerlikaya, 5-C class students read a book for a while.

Governor Yerlikaya made a statement to the press members at the school. Uy Today, we are launching the “I Read Istanbul Project aya in all secondary schools and high schools in Istanbul Okul. said.

Project; Governor Yerlikaya stated that they aimed to raise the level of reading habits of children and young people and that they would like to read it to those who do not. and we are beginning to read everything that is part of our living art in the most beautiful way. Of course not just the things that belong to Istanbul. Our priority, the beginning and the starting point of Istanbul. G

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said that they aim to make all students reading-friendly, adding, stad We are not only studying in school, but also in tram, subway, stadium, bus stops and in every corner of Istanbul where we share life. We will think more. Daha

Governor Yerlikaya, young people is the guarantee of the future, so each one should read very much by emphasizing the need to prepare for life continued as follows:

Uz We want to read, get their most important love. Our desire is our goal. The project of the Provincial Directorate of National Education will be carried out under the leadership of the Governorship of Istanbul. We will make all puppies in our city friendly. To beautify and share life, we'll get it from the 'Cradle to the grave' by reading our lost commodity. This is our target. Our efforts to read will increase but we also want to write. Ok

Governor Yerlikaya told that some activities would be done to make the writing popular and that the magazines and newspapers would be published in schools in order to give children the habit of writing.

Muz The magazine will be published at Şehit Muzaffer Erdönmez Middle School. These children will write. History of history, football lovers will write articles and comments about football. Then we will make the most beautiful magazine contest among all secondary and high schools. Who wrote the most beautiful writings, we will determine it. Who will make the most beautiful pictures and caricatures, we will identify them. We trust these children. We'il read more. We will spend less time on the Internet and television. Daha

Reminding that children and young people should not spend their time in front of the television and on the internet, Yerlikaya concluded:

“We will receive the best from both the universal and the past. We'il do this by reading. Read, read, read de The first order was the, read Ok. Our children will read the world together with reading from the book window. Together with them, 'We will raise our Republic to the level of contemporary civilizations.' We believe and trust in our children. Çocuklar

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