The Critical Formula to Fly Metro Projects in Istanbul

critical form to fly metro projects in istanbul
critical form to fly metro projects in istanbul

The total number of rail system lines available in Istanbul is 170 kilometers, which should reach 1100 kilometers. At the meeting held with the team of Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mevlüt Uysal, a critical proposal that will accelerate the achievement of this goal came up.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Mevlut Uysal reviewed the latest situation table about the metro lines, which is the best solution for public transportation, as the local elections approached:

  • Available rail system lines: 170 mileage
  • Works continued: 284.7 kilometers (IMM: 12 line-140.9 kilometers, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure-UBAK: 5 line, 143.8 mileage)

  • Open in 2018 (Marmaray, suburban, UBAK): 63 km

  • 2018 break in length: 233 kilometers

  • 2023 to 454.7

He paid attention to the tempo of subway construction:

  • Currently 118 3 works on 25 construction site under ground XNUMX thousand people.

At this point, the number of daily public transport passengers of Istanbul was put on the table:

  • 13.5 million people… This means 5 billion local passengers a year.

He then underlined the length of the rail system that should be in Istanbul:

  • The rail system line needs to reach the 1100 mileage. By this level, 3 billion people will be able to use the public transportation system.

3 began to take into account the billion passengers:

  • If we think of 50 cents per passenger, the 1.5 is a billion dollars. If the 500 million dollar goes out of business, 1 is a billion dollars.

He emphasized that Istanbul is currently the city with the most intensive metro construction in the world:

  • However, the length of the rail system we will reach at 2023 is 454.7 kilometers. It will take time to reach 1100 kilometers. We need to find a formula to accelerate this.

The experts in the team brought to mind the first formula:

  • With the sektör Build-Operate-Transfer metro model, let's put the private sector in the subway business. We solve the speed of financing and construction.

Uysal, Osmangazi and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Eurasian Tunnel reminiscent of the rising criticism:

  • We are subject to criticism when the passenger guarantees.

Then another formula emerged:

  • For the subway, if we consider the ”build-rent-transfer Metro method. That is, IMM will be the tenant of the metro line that the private sector will make. Tenancy 22-25 will last for years. When the IBB did the ticket
    price discussion.

Advantages of the formula focused on:

  • Tender the project kazanThe company will prepare it. That company will find the financing. It will be able to finish the construction in 6 years instead of 3 years in order to get rental income as soon as possible. Maintenance-repair responsibility will be with that company. Thus, it will be ensured that he pays attention to his work during the construction phase. With this formula, the construction cost can be reduced by 20-25 percent.

The samples of the belir build-rent-transfer ilk model in the world were examined and two routes were determined for the first tenders:

  • Yenikapı-Beylikdüzü (34 kilometer), Vezneciler-Arnavutköy (32 kilometer).

Uysal prepared the files for these two lines and presented them to the relevant ministries and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan:

  • If the ız build-rent-transfer düğ formula is accepted, we are able to push the button to exit the tender.

Does the formula 1100 on the 31 March 2019 more quickly reach the ballot in XNUMX?


Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal stated that the urban road tunnels in the city are one of the important solutions for the traffic problem:

  • The total length of city tunnels in Istanbul is 17 kilometers.

He recalled that the tunnels in question were free:

  • If you want 1 liras per vehicle, the cost of the tunnel can be 7 per year.

160 emphasized the need for more tunnels in Istanbul:

  • If we get 3 liras from the tunnels per vehicle, if the traffic on the normal road is blocked, the citizen would say, UM Do not enter T? I don't think so.

He pointed to the formula for the subway:

  • The kullanılabilir build-rent-transfer tünel formula can also be used to speed tunnel construction.

The following question came to mind:

  • If there are tunnels to be paid after that, doesn't Istanbulite react?

Speed ​​up the construction of the 160 mile tunnel in the city X


Source: Hurriyet / Vahap Munyar

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