Istanbul Airport Has No Transportation Problems

Istanbul airport has no transportation problems
Istanbul airport has no transportation problems

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, Istanbul Airport, planned about all of the previously planned road transport systems said.

Stating that Istanbul Airport is a big project, Turhan stated that the first phase of this airport was operating part A and that B would take part in the service next year.

Turhan, 29 90 in October, indicating that the portion of the service was opened in October, the airport 5 landing in the first place, 5 take advantage of the departure flights from the citizens, 3'ın domestic, 2'ın international flights reported.

Such a large facility before the opening test with the test of the guinea pigs emphasizing the end of the Turhan, such a large airport at a time the installation of the whole system is not correct, so this is the reason for the actual passengers at the airport 10 voiced expedition. Turhan, "31 As of December, we are planning to move all the takeoffs at Ataturk Airport to the new airport."

Turhan, meanwhile, both the operators and the ground handling services, reminded that they are testing all systems as the State Airports Authority providing air traffic services, and that if there are problems in electronic systems, they are checked and that these controls will continue for two months. noted that they will be opened to all domestic and overseas services at full capacity.

”The new airport has no transportation problems“

Minister Turhan, the new airport at the moment there is an important transportation problem, stating that the opening of the full 250 thousand people a day here will provide transportation.

Stressing that all of the previously planned road transport systems related to the Istanbul Airport came into play, Turhan continued:

Şu Hasdal, Kemerburgaz, Yassıören, Subaşı, Çatalca road that provides transportation to our new airport is now in service. The third part of the Northern Marmara Motorway called Kurtköy-Odayeri-Mahmutbey serves this airport. Istanbul's main transportation axes are TEM Highway, Hasdal, Kemerburgaz, Esenler Junction through Yassıören, Metris Junction of the European Motorway, TEM Motorway Arnavutkoy, connecting to the airport via Habipler. Odayeri-Yassıelen line of the Northern Marmara Motorway was opened with the airport. At the intersection and exit of the junction between the Lights Junction and Tayakadın Intersection at the airport area, the airport is fully interchanged at the 3 junction when the airport is fully operational. In the future, the number of passengers entering and leaving here will be 350 per day. We think of the 4th junction as Tayakadın Intersection. There will also be a separate intersection for the cargo station. Kargo

Turhan stated that the public transportation services will serve here, and 660 units will be D-segment luxury taxis at the airport.

Turhan pointed out that a condition in the airport contract is that the companies that make trade and transportation at Atatürk Airport are not to be victimized and that these companies will continue their activities by adapting to the build-operate-transfer conditions at the new airport.

IETT buses will also organize flights from certain parts of Istanbul to the airport, emphasizing Turhan, said:

Aç At the end of 2019, we aim to open the connection of Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport. Buses will be arranged from the specific metro station centers on the Anatolian and European sides. These buses will also take your baggage. You will be given a luxury highway transportation service. Here the most remote distance fee will be 30 lira. The average fare according to the distance was determined as 15 lira. In these buses, passengers will be able to use the electronic system and internet in every seat. Transportation routes from east to west were connected to İstanbul Airport in a very preferential way. Doğ

Upon being asked whether the citizens of Istanbul Airport get used to it and whether there is a problem in the distance point, Turhan said that such details were considered when determining the location of the airport.

Turhan said that the project in question was due to a search at the beginning of 1990 and 2000. This was detected. Istanbul has such a potential, the blessings, revenues and shares it receives from the world civil aviation market. Why can't we take advantage of this? This is a possibility that our geography offers. Iz

Turhan; President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has put forth a strong will, he said, adding that the location of the new airport is the most suitable place for air transportation.

Ss Designed as an aviation base “

Underlining that Istanbul Airport was designed as an aviation base, Turhan said, çiz The jealousies tried to prevent and sabotage it. Because there is a huge rent here. R

Technical services in aviation also constitute a very important source of income Turhan, also the location of the airport in Africa, Europe, Asia, South Asia and America as the transfer point of the most advantageous place, he said.

Stating that Istanbul Airport is a life center, Turhan stated that conference rooms, hotels, business centers and exhibition spaces are among the features of the airport.

Underlining the construction of an environmentally friendly airport, Turhan said “All kinds of projects were reflected to the project through the savings systems in heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and water usage methods. Mimari

Ada 61 from Pendik can be reached in minutes “

Referring to the distance of Istanbul Airport to the city, Turhan said that there is a more reasonable distance from airports in developed countries as well as from domestic airports.

Turhan stated that the settlement moved to the north after the Marmara Earthquake in 1999. Dep Pendik is the farthest distance to public transport. A citizen in Pendik arrives at the airport by 61 with luxury buses. Pend

Turhan pointed out that the passengers who will benefit from the airport will be informed continuously from the moment they leave their homes and 2019 will eventually end the Gayrettepe subway line and 2020 Halkalı Airport subway, the construction of these projects, they will start the construction already said.

”Atatürk Airport is pushing the limits“

Turhan reminded the discussions on whether Istanbul Airport is needed or not, stressing that Ataturk Airport is currently serving the limits.

Turhan, a thousand 500 aircraft in the day of Atatürk Airport, indicating that the landing-take off, said:

Lar If the distance to be normally between the aircraft is 10, this is why our air traffic controllers take the 7-8 to the maximum by taking maximum care, and they are carrying out these take offs carefully. Fuel is a very important waste. The neighborhood is also affected by noise. The African-Asian countries that we have opened, wanted slots, we could not give flight permits. When you tried to take over the runways of the airport, you were faced with risks and troubles. In the African opening, we could not give slots to countries where our commercial relations developed. Now we have countries that we have just opened. Şimdi

Turhan, now from China and South America will fly over Istanbul, stating that this situation created by Istanbul Airport will collect the humidity.

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