Company Announces Corporate Concentration at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul airport announced the company concordat
Istanbul airport announced the company concordat

The third airport, Rixos, Swissotel and Four Seasons hotels, such as the construction of structures in the construction of the DSG construction concordat announced. The company states that it has declared the concordat for the delivery of the place at Istanbul Airport.

DSG Construction, part of the third airport in the rough construction, fine construction and suspended ceilings were doing.

Istanbul 2. According to the decision of the Commercial Court of First Instance 12 November 2018, DSG Construction applied for the concordat. The court, which evaluated the application of DSG Construction, decided to make a temporary provisional settlement of 3 for the company.

DSG construction operating in the industry of decoration and wall - floor coverings cooperated with many known brands. DSG served as subcontractor of major projects such as construction offices, hotels, residences.


DSG Civil General Manager Cem Itırak'y in his statement that should end 2014 months of construction work on the third airport express that they turned toward the Turkey market the end of the year 8, but the construction of an alleged delay in the delivery iGain place, he said 30 take months.

Weak, işi We received a construction work of 7.9 million TL. 8 had to end in a month. Due to IGA's delivery problems, it took 30 months. There was trouble in delivering the place to us. Unfortunately, our most unfortunate part of the land, which was recently closed, coincided with the area we built. . This is what brought us to this situation,. Said PB 5 scaffolding building.

Following the concerto application of the DSG, his duty at the third airport ended.

Some of the projects in which DSG Construction is involved:

  1. Airport Project in Istanbul, Turkey

Rixos Mriya 5 Star Hotel Resort Yalta (Crimea), Russia

Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa Bursa, Turkey

Jumeirah Zabeel Palace in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Luxury Hotel Four Seasons Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey

Rixos Al Nasr Hotel Tripoli, Libya

Rixos Almaty Hotel Almaty, Kazakhstan

Swissotel The Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey

Tripoli Congress Center Tripoli, Libya

Sipopo Congress Center Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa in Antalya, Turkey

Alupka Villa, Hotel & Spa Complex Yalta (Crimea), Russia

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