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Istanbul New Airport public transport tender, the tender was mixed, the delivery of the tender was delivered to the claim that the address.

According to Özlem GÜVEMLİ from SÖZCÜ, the owner of the allegation is the council member of the CHP Tarık Balyalı, emphasizing that 130 bus conditions have been brought to the companies and he said that there is no 130 bus in the hands of the İBB companies' bus co. Balyan N 3. Airport transportation is currently being carried out by Bus A.Ş. not doing his subcontractor. But the subcontractor doesn't have all the buses. He also rent a bus company's Black Sea, O he said.

29 On October 2018, controversy continues with a luxury public transportation tender with the baggage carried by IETT to carry passengers to Istanbul New Airport. Istanbul Bus Co, one of the IMM companies offering the 755 million 823 thousand TL bid, was awarded the second of the TL Luxury Transportation with Baggage X tender which was canceled due to the lack of public interest. Followed closely the tender process of the IMM Assembly CHP Group SözcüSu Tariq Balyali, 3. Airport public transportation service procurement business is a tender to the address and claims that the tender is mixed.

Balyan, who raised his claim in the IETT General Assembly held on 16 November 2018, pointed out that 3 was the difference between the canceled tender and the specifications of the tender which was recently issued. 260 pieces of at least 3 meter bus to be desired, '' he said. Balya stated that adding these conditions to the second tender made by 130 every day created question marks, and argued that IETT put these articles in order to prevent different firms from entering this tender.

NOT 130, 5-10 CAN BE THE BUS

Balyalı, winning the tender Bus Co. in the hands of the 130 bus in the specification of the balance sheet does not show stated that his claim is as follows:

2016 is the year 9 published on the bus company website and 2017 is the 130 or 5 bus that belongs to 10 yearly. Bus Co. this is a scandal if he won this tender without a bus in his hand. If there are 130 buses in the hands of the Bus Co. and it does not appear on the balance sheets, this is another scandal. Eğer

Balyali, 3 in the hands of Bus Co. The airport does not have a bus to carry, the general manager of the company after the tender, "How do you do this job," he said to the press members, "We will look at, or rent or run," has been proven in the response, he said.


Honey, 3. Airport transportation is not currently done by its subcontractor, not Bus Co., the subcontractor in the hands of the bus does not have as many as "subcontractor firms that operate a bus intercity bus hire from a Black Sea company needs," he said. According to the tender results of this work IETT money, will earn profit, the subcontractor companies will profit as well, voicing the profitable Balyalı eron If the airport transport business is so profitable, why did not IETT gave it to someone else? I think in this tender, the Bus Inc. was used as a cover by the IMM administration to provide jobs to third parties and the law was cheated. Bence Balyalı announced that the tender will be canceled immediately and IETT should undertake the transportation and announced that they will make a criminal complaint about those responsible for the tender.

AKP Group responding to Balyalı's claims SözcüÖmer Şahan said:, Our tenders will not be wrong and they are open to inspection. There are no 130 buses in the hands of the bus co. IETT win more, better service to the people of Istanbul tender tender renewed. The technical requirements have been introduced in order to be able to do this work. 149 the first tender with a bid of $ 1 million firms were able to offer a firm next to the firm. Even the public transport company of Bursa entered the second tender. Bus Co 475 million bid. Istanbullu will win more why are you bothering that? Kazan

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