Istanbul Airport Became a Youth Employment Center

3 became an employment center for airports
3 became an employment center for airports

Istanbul Airport, which is the world's largest airport expected to be capable of carrying 200 million passengers a year, became the gateway for the next generation. In this context, Bağcılar Municipality Career Center also provided employment for 330 personnel in the security, driver, ground handling and cleaning branches at the new airport. 192 people participating in the last interview to meet the criteria will be recruited here.

29 On October 2018, the establishment of the Republic 95. opened on the anniversary of "Victory Monument" is described as Istanbul Airport, Turkey was the center of attention, the future of young people and make them work as well as door. The recruitment of personnel in many branches continues at the new airport that will make Istanbul the center of global airlines. Bağcılar Municipality Career Center, which was established in 2012 in order to bring together the job seekers and the employers, provides employment for the residents of the district in the new airport. In the framework of the protocol made with ISKUR, unemployed young people and employers who are registered under the protocol do face to face meetings with company representatives. Candidates provide information to the authorities on which jobs they can and what certificates they have. As a result of the interview, the firms employ the people they have agreed.

603 people have been employed in the project in the last year. Istanbul Airport is the biggest airport in the world. At the airport, 330 personnel were employed in Bağcılar for driving, safety and cleaning branches.

”We want our unemployed people to get a job and take it home iş

The last meeting of Bagcilar Municipality Feyzullah Kiyiklik Handicapped Palace was held the previous day. Guest company Binsat Holding officials and job seekers came together. Those who meet the criteria and conditions after the interview will do the job at Istanbul Airport.

Veren We're getting good results from our Career Center, where we bring together job seekers and employers, imiz said Mayor of Bağcılar, Lokman Çağırıcı. This year we provided personnel service to the newly opened airport. We want our unemployed people to get a job and take it home, "he said.

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