IETT Announces 2,5 Year 2019 Billion Year Budget

Europe's oldest and most modern bus fleet iettde
Europe's oldest and most modern bus fleet iettde

IBB Assembly approved the 2,5 Year Budget of 2019 billion TL of İETT General Directorate. General Manager Ahmet Bağış, who presented the budget to the Assembly, said, en IETT continues to be the youngest and most modern fleet of Europe with the buses with the average age of 5,8 with the support of our President Mevlüt Uysal UM.

Assembly of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), November meetings of 5. in cooperation with İBB, IETT General Directorate's 2019 Budget and Performance Program. İETT General Manager Ahmet Bağış who presented the budget to the IMM Parliament stated that IETT provided a high quality service to Istanbul residents with 147 years of experience in public transportation, and said, t 3 70 bus and 5 bin 309 personnel provide 7 day 24 hours service to Istanbul. IETT, with the support of our President Mevlüt Uysal, continues to be the youngest fleet in Europe with our fleet with an average age of 5,8. Buses are 100 percent low and are suitable for disabled access. USB charging and free internet service available, USB he said.


IETT also 2 bin 154 private public bus and 1025 Bus Co., which expresses that the control of the bus Ahmet Bagis, 783 line and 13 141 4 stop all over Istanbul with services in every corner of the 155 million 52 thousand journey with the number of city said that they had a big share of mobility. 593 44 950 XNUMX long distance XNUMX bus in the line of XNUMX thousand passengers carry a note that attracts attention Bagis, said:


. We plan our activities in line with the objective of developing new resources by evaluating our resources effectively and efficiently. In 2019, we will develop 2 billion 500 million TL budget with the aim of achieving full integration in transportation, managing demand in public transportation, establishing effective control system and institutionalizing private transportation. We plan to achieve dynamic mobility plan, rapid adaptation for different density periods, resource efficiency through flexible planning, vehicle type selection according to passenger density. In this way, we expect an increase in productivity up to 20. Bu


Bagis said that, with an application for disabled citizens, disabled passengers were prepared to provide information on the bus via mobile application, and they were preparing to provide services such as Ibeacon technology and navigation services to the visually impaired. We implemented the Registry Application. With 2018 staff and secret customers on-site every week, all vehicles are checked at least once a week. In 295 we plan to make a total of 2019 bin secret and open inspection, X he said.


Istanbul and to increase the effectiveness of Turkey abroad, renewed the vehicles completed the economic life of the Foreign Ministry and Reminding that sent as aid to countries that need by TIKA, the project that they sent so far 8 country 203 vehicles, 205 brokerage sending more 15 needy countries reported the plans.


Bagis underlined that they aimed to implement the Safe Public Transportation System by expanding the black box system on all buses to IETT buses. Iz In this way we have encouraged economic and safe driving, and we will be able to provide preventive maintenance service more easily. At the same time, the vehicle-driver-manager will create a service card to increase the level of service through continuous improvement. Our application in Arabic and English 16 language, especially in 1 language, 680 thousand times a day questioned the application was downloaded by approximately 3 and a half million people. In 2019, we are planning to include information such as informing according to our favorite lines, sending and receiving notifications of the approaching line to the waiting passenger at the station, integration of public transportation modes, scoring the journey experience, showing the vehicle occupancy rates. X


2019 60 hours of total 500 to drivers and officers in 4 for the purpose of institutional and professional development; Communication, first aid, anger control, stress management, leadership training, economic and comfortable driving trainings that they are planning to give Bagis, the project's special public bus drivers also included in the 194 bin 2019 private public bus driver began to be taught. In XNUMX, Bagis said that they will provide trainings on economical and comfortable driving techniques, communication with disabled passengers, emergency training and occupational health and safety.

Date of tourists coming to Istanbul and cultural assets to ride in a comfortable environment, İETT 13 even underlined that serve Donation with 2 tourist bus in the past years as IETT Turkey and they received the European Excellence Awards, which are registered by independent institutions 10 with management certificate they added.

After the meeting, the AK Party and the CHP group and the members of the Assembly on behalf of his people, expressed their views on the budget. Following the completion of the interview, the 2019 Year Budget of the IETT General Directorate was approved by 120 acceptance 64 rejection vote.

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