Why did IDO stop domestic flights?

ido ic stopped the line flights
ido ic stopped the line flights

Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO), which has reduced the number of flights on domestic and international flights in recent years, has completely closed its domestic flights in Istanbul as of December. The company is also selling some of its fleet fleet in order to obtain resources.

The privatization of IDO's domestic flights is being reacted by the citizens, while the reasons behind this decision are also being wondered.

Jale Özgentürk from Hürriyet gave the following information on the subject in her column titled "Why the flights stopped at İDO":

İDO's partners Tepe, Akfen, Scottish Souter and Sera will make a statement this week for the process leading to the cancellation of domestic flights. Among the reasons behind the decision taken in response to the public opinion include the start of companies such as BUDO and Negmar, the Sirkeci-Harem line to close the use of large vehicles and the loss of income from the Martı project is included claims.

Last week, IDO has long decided to shut down domestic lines, which it says has been a loss. This decision was naturally met with great public reaction. It emerged with infiltration of IDO through the lines. İDO's partners such as Tepe, Akfen, Scottish Souter and Sera have not made any official statements until today. However, according to information I received earlier this week IDO is preparing to give a detailed explanation of why they took the decision.

The privatization of IDO took place in 2011. Tepe, Akfen, Souter, Sera partnership 861 million dollars to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 73 million dollars as a concession of the contract with the commitment to transfer 934 million dollars was the new owner of İDO. However, decisions taken since that date have prepared the stones of the road. This process will be explained in the statement prepared to be made from IDO. It is claimed that one of the decisions that made IDO difficult was the allocation of free scaffolding to the Bursa Municipality and BUDO started flights between Istanbul and Bursa.

Other negative decisions that IDO is preparing to explain are as follows:

Edil - Although the Ambarlı port land has been included in the privatization contract, it has not been delivered to İDO until today. Thus, İDO'nın Ambarlı'dan Yalova, Mudanya, Bandırma Ro-Ro project was not implemented.

  • Eskibelar Topçular was assigned to the subsidiaries of the company Negmar by the Izmit Metropolitan Municipality. The company suffered an income loss.
  • Although the Sirkeci Harem Line was one of the IDO's lucrative lines, the UKOME decision prevented the passage of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. There was a loss of income.

One of the decisions that put IDO in trouble Kabataşlived in. The most important scaffold for the company KabataşAfter the closure of Istanbul due to the Seagull project, which has been canceled nowadays, the number of passengers lost 80 percent and this loss could not be compensated. According to the information I have received, serious exchange rates and cost increases reaching 85 percent could not be reflected on the ticket prices due to UKOME decisions, and domestic flights were unsustainable because a 22 percent increase was made. ”

"I have reached the following information about the criticism of the IDO Osmangazi Bridge," said Özgentürk, who wrote:

Ih Osmangazi Köprü tender was made before the İDO tender. It was stated that Osmangazi will be opened in 2016 before the İDO tender and the transfer prices are 2016 dollars plus 41 VAT for 18. It was included in the contract between Otoyol AŞ and the Highways that the price was guaranteed by the Highways to the producers of Osmangazi. Feasibility was prepared accordingly, but tolls were reduced.

The group that took IDO entered this business with foreign capital. However, it has come to this point with unpredictable decisions. According to IDO, these decisions mean the competition of the State Highway with the IDO. It is thought that these decisions are unfair and lead to unfair competition. We do not know how the IDO job is solved, but as consumers, there should be a formula in which we cannot be harmed. It is a great benefit to look at privatizations from this perspective. Özel

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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