IDO Ships Online

ido ships are online
ido ships are online

İDO Inc. (Istanbul Sea Buses) stopped domestic flights on the grounds that the loss of cold shower effect created.

According to Çiğdem TOKER, SÖZCÜ, the event has re-opened the privatization of IDO, which provides public service by public transportation, at 2011.

IMM has been transferred to Tepe-Akfen-Souter-Sera partnership in exchange for 861 million dollars and lost revenue at the point. İDO'nun expected to give a detailed explanation to the public this week, yesterday Hürriyet'de Jale Özgentürk wrote.

Let's see how the real reason for the loss of income will explain why the AKP has central or local governmental practices.

In the meantime, I have reached a concrete knowledge of Istanbul people.

The three ships that were stopped on IDO's lines were put on sale.

It's not a tender.

Website where ship purchase and sale announcements are published’da.

Oruç Reis, Kaptan Pasha, Seydi Ali Reis high-speed light passenger ships with sales photographs stand low on the site.

2 million dollars for each ship is requested. The common feature of the three ships is to be built in 1997 in Norway.

All three of the President of the Parliament Binali Yildirim, the General Directorate of IDO came into service during the service.

While IDO was privatized in 2011, it was declared that the ownership remained in IMM.

Who can sell these ships, then who will have their income? Satış

Whatever the statement of IDO this week, it seems certain:

The accounts of the IMM did not hold the result and caused a result against the society.

Without forgetting: the IMM would make metro lines with this privatization income Unut

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