Special Design Bus for Disabled Athletes from Kocaeli Metropolitan

handicapped athletes
handicapped athletes

📩 21/11/2018 10:23

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to be on the side of the needy citizens with social projects. Supporting sports and athletes, the Metropolitan Municipality equips many points of the city with sports facilities. Within this scope, the access of sportsmen with disabilities to sports facilities is of great importance. Under the auspices of the Presidency of the Presidency, the project ehir Movement to Overcome ”provides the disabled athlete with the nationality of 19 and transportation service by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Within the scope of the ı Movement to Overcome, project, the disabled individuals are provided with access to sports facilities by taking 7 units with wheelchair capacity and private design buses allocated by the Department of Health and Social Services. Within the scope of the project, 600 continues to work actively for disabled persons. Physically handicapped, cordless and manual wheelchair athletes participate in sporting activities from different districts. Wheeled athletes with specially equipped vehicles can do their training without any difficulty.

As part of the project, athletes continue their sporting activities in the fields of Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Judo, Athletics, Karete, Gymnastics, Arm Wrestling, Weightlifting, Judo, Bocce and Boccia. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kağıtsp 600 is that some of the athletes who continue to work under the umbrella of Arm Wrestling, Weightlifting, especially paralympic games like World Bocce, and Turkey's European championship.

The project aims to improve the balance and coordination of the disabled individuals in the field studies conducted by the Department of Disabled and Elderly Services. With the sports activities carried out, people with disabilities are acting in order to prevent joint disorders that are caused by inactivity. There are also important benefits such as improving cardiovascular circulation, preventing obesity.

Individuals with physical disabilities have difficulty in traveling in their daily lives and participating in social activities. Metropolitan Municipality is realizing various projects with the awareness of socialization of disabled individuals. Supporting the movement project with the sports facilities and transportation service, the Metropolitan Municipality is trying to be on the side of the disabled individuals who want to do sports.

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