Transportation Projects from Young to Samsun

gencten samsuna cag to dodge transportation projects 3
gencten samsuna cag to dodge transportation projects 3

Canik Mayor Osman Genç Key to Economic Development Local, national and international transportation projects prepared with the understanding of transportation will evolve from time to time. Samsun-Iraq Samsun-Batumi, Iron Silk Road connection Canik-Asarcık highway, Vezirköprü-Bafra Highway and Transfer Port projects, Samsun is the center of Anatolia to draw attention as projects.

Local, national and international transportation projects prepared by President Osman Genç, which put forward the projects that will make Samsun a voice in the world with his book ğeni Samsun in the near future ”, received great recognition. Within the scope of visionary projects, 'Transportation is the key to economic development, and transportation projects will connect Samsun with Central Asia, Middle East, Russia and Black Sea countries. The architect of the projects, President Young, "as today in Samsun, the central and international city of Anatolia is ready to do projects," he said.


Noting that transportation is one of the most important indicators of civilization, President Genç said, inden The most basic infrastructure of industry, trade, tourism, health, agriculture, livestock and other areas of development that might come to our mind is transportation. The development of both urban and inter-city and international road networks will contribute greatly to the economy and development of our city. Samsun should have an effective transportation network with its districts and city center. Transportation projects such as Canik-Asarcık highway, Vezirköprü-Bafra Highway and the eastern ring road should be urgently implemented. Can


Stating that Samsun has a significant advantage in the region with its sea and air transport, Chairman Genç said, bir Samsun, which will integrate the port and air cargo with other transportation networks, can sail to become an international world city. The geography of the Silk Road, which has lost its influence today, is on the brink of transformation. The historic Silk Road is on the eve of re-awakening by train networks, land and air transportation lines, energy corridors, natural gas pipelines. We must integrate Samsun with the Iron Silk Road. We can connect the city to the Iron Silk Road with the railway that will be from Samsun to Kars Samsun.


Samsun, Anatolia Europe and the groove in the position of representing a gateway to the Russian President Young, "Turkey rapidly in Asia, will find the opportunity to come to a position on trade between the main centers of European and African continents. Middle East and South Caucasus countries who want to reach through Turkey to markets in the Baltic countries they had to operate 7 years ago, Viking International Railway Project is Turkey's Samsun door. Samsun-Northern Iraq (Zaho) Railway, Samsun-Batumi railway will make this city an international city again. Samsun - Batumi high-speed train line will connect Samsun to the Caucasus in both freight and human transportation. Trade volume will increase in Georgia and Russia trade, which has an important place in our trade volume. Ticaret


In the context of being the logistics center, the Port of Samsun (Hub-Port), which will meet the port demand of Samsun, should be in accordance with the formation of the Industry in Tekkeköy. Chairman Genç said, as Along with the transfer port, Jordan has a significant place in world trade. With the Free Trade Zone to be established, Samsun will have a say in the world trade. Today, as in the history of Samsun, the central and international cities of Anatolia will make projects under our hands. As a city, when we implement these projects, there will be no problems in business and affairs in Samsun. Unemployment will end. Our young people will not go out, even Samsun will be a preferred province to receive immigration. Gençler

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