Gebze-Darica Metro Trees are Moving One by One

gebze darica subway project
gebze darica subway project

Gebze OSB - Darıca Beach Metro Line, which is laid by the Parliamentary Speaker Binali Yildirim in October, continues its work. Within the scope of Metro Line Project, which is the biggest service in the history of Metropolitan Municipality, the trees located in the station, storage and maneuvering areas within the project area are carried to the appropriate areas without disintegration and destruction. Treated trees are planted at the points where the city is needed.

Centers that bring the biggest natural life park of Europe to life, continuously increasing the amount of green space per capita and increasing it to 12 square meters, and will breathe life into Kocaeli with its recreation areas and walking paths. kazandıran Metropolitan Municipality shows the same sensitivity in Gebze OSB - Darica Beach Metro Line. In this context, self-sacrificing works are carried out to prevent damage to plants and trees in the station, storage and maneuvering areas built as part of the metro project. Metropolitan teams remove the trees at these points without damaging them with special devices and vehicles, bring them to the storage area and plant them in the appropriate areas.

Since the beginning of the studies in October, the teams took the 2 bin 500 tree to the nursery of the Metropolitan Municipality. After waiting for a certain period of time, the trees are moved to the designated areas of the city. On the other hand, once the Metro Project is completed, new trees will be planted at the points where the trees are moved.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which protects nature and green, is carrying out self-study in this field. In the metropolitan municipality 2004 has carried out planting nearly 9 million trees throughout the city. In the year of 2018 by Park Department of Garden and Green Areas, the planting of 250 thousand trees was carried out in the excavated fields, park gardens and other empty areas. In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality teams, trees and trees planted regularly throughout the year, irrigation and care is carefully done.

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