Transportation Support from Gaziantep Metropolitan

gaziantep support from the big city
gaziantep support from the big city

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Council, the second composition of November, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Latif Montenegro, was held under the chairmanship. With the decision taken in the composition, Gazi ULAŞ AŞ, which provides public transportation services in the city center, will provide 0,30 cents income support so that private public buses do not reflect the cost increases to the citizens. By the unanimous decision, the annual municipality license fee per vehicle received from private public bus companies, 2 thousand 600 pounds were reduced to 1000 pounds. Applications, 1 January will come into force as of 2019.

The metropolitan council convened in the last composition of November, the 51 clause of the 28 clause was unanimously resolved by the majority of the 23 article. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality 2019 fiscal year forecasting budget, the municipality, the Metropolitan Municipality of 1 billion 650 million in the budget with the majority of votes. In addition, Sahinbey, Şehitkamil, Nizip, İslahiye, Yavuzeli, Oğuzeli, Nurdağı, Araban and Karkamis district municipalities estimated the financial budget of 2019, passed by parliament with the majority of votes.



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