Good News from President Şahin to Private Public Bus Drivers

from the president to the private public bus mujde
from the president to the private public bus mujde

Good news came from Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin regarding the loss of rights arising from free passes, which is the biggest problem of Private Public Buses.

Mayor Şahin said, “As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, we will support our tradesmen friends as half of the losses of the enterprises carrying out standing passengers across Samsun due to free passes.”

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin came together with public bus operators providing transportation service in Samsun. If the problems are over, there is no work to be done by man. However, the work of us managers should be to solve problems. Since the day we arrived, we try to solve the problems with a common mind by discussing with the parties, by avoiding the problems wherever there is a problem. Samsun is really an important city. Samsun has a lot of potential. The important thing is to do something as a total city to mobilize these potentials. We are determined to end the problems of our city by listening to everyone who produces ideas for Samsun. ”


Also giving good news to Private Public Bus Drivers, Şahin said, “We know that the biggest problem of private public bus operators is free crossings. We, as Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, cover half of the losses of our private public buses and Samulaş A.Ş. We will support our friends. That's all we have today. Hopefully, our support will increase as the municipality gets stronger. Because if you can't continue on your way, it is impossible for us to enjoy our work. I wish you good luck with this decision, and plenty of halal food for all of you without any accident. kazanI wish them well.”


Stating that they are planning a lot of investments in terms of agriculture, industry and tourism in Samsun, Mayor Şahin said: “It is now a transition period. If our party gives us the duty to continue again, I hope we will strive to bring our city to the level of development it deserves. The Mayor's Office is not just about performing routine services. I have worked on how to develop and improve our city over 5 percent in my duty as the president I have held to date. We have two important scrubs. We have a lot of work with the idea of ​​how to increase the added value in agriculture. We have many works to attract investors to our city by developing our Organized Industrial Zones. Our most important goal is to solve the employment problem in Samsun. In addition, we are in a very important position as tourism potentials. As Samsun, we aim to get more share from tourism. We have very important investments in agriculture, industry and tourism. In short, without solving these problems, the problem of our driver tradesmen is not solved, nor our other citizens. Because everything is economy. ”

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Şahin, as well as the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Fikret Vatansever, Samsun Tradesmen and Chamber of Industry Union President Haci Eyup Guler, SAMULAS General Manager Kadir Gurkan and a large number of bus operators and employees attended.

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