Bay View Parking Opened in Hatay

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error in the parking garage

📩 06/11/2018 10:25

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has also brought the second parking lot to Hatay, one of the regions with the highest need for parking. The Judges Houses Parking Lot with a capacity of 465 vehicles was put into service with a ceremony attended by President Aziz Kocaoğlu. The sea-view car park with a 460-square-meter viewing terrace, sitting areas and ornamental pool on its roof unites two streets with a 22-meter code difference, thanks to its elevators.

the first fully automated storey car park which Alsancak parking Hatay marketplace where the local governments do Turkey Storey Car Park, Ataturk Sports Hall Front Underground parking, Navy Üçok underground parking, Culture Underground Parking Lot, Alaybey Storey Car Park and Buca Butchers Square Underground parking as significant investment in the city The Metropolitan Municipality has now implemented a new project that meets the parking needs of Konak. 465 parking lot with a capacity of 8 is opened in Hatay.

We have registered 80 subscribers without opening
Speaking at the ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu reminded that they took serious steps to meet the need for parking, “In some places, the car parks we build cannot find subscribers, are not used or are used very little. In some of our parking lots, the demand is very high. I believe that this car park we have opened will also attract great attention. We registered around 80 subscribers before it opened. ” Mayor Kocaoğlu also thanked the Tatiş Family, one of the owners of the parking lot they had expropriated many years ago.

3 times I went into the bath 4.'cüsü said
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor, who devoted a significant part of his speech to the local election process, was still criticizing the "making of political material" despite the explanation that "I will not be a candidate" and we thought that "We will be at ease for 6 months at least. We said, but we see that we do not have such a chance every day. After becoming president in 2004, all elections since 2007 have been carried out through Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its Mayor. Although we are not a candidate today, the election is still held on us. We are open to all criticism. We don't have the slightest problem. However, I would like to state that we will stand up to the asparagas news made to defame İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, as well as to misunderstanding, manipulation, and breaking news. Particularly easy to come to the elected friends. I am quite experienced because I entered that bath three times. We said "keep it 3th".

Mayors did not come from the Moon
Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, said:
“Our Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu called me at the mayors meeting. 'Do you work on Izmir? said. I prepared and went, I gave information. In such cases, ideas are taken and given to the headquarters. The important thing is whether it is applied after getting the idea. They look from Ankara, we look from here. There are balances in FMC and PM. It is shaped according to him. Two of our friends' names appeared in the press. 'Kocaoğlu opposes them,' came up with a saying. I had no statements about those friends. I have been sleeping at home for 4 days. I do not have any problems on these issues with any of my friends. But naturally, it should be accepted that the person sitting in the metropolitan chair for 15 years is very normal to express his opinion. The same words come to our ears again. It is said, 'Mayors may not interfere with this.' Let the deputies, the vice-presidents interfere with everything! There is no such politics. Mayors did not come from the month. Mayors are the real owners of both the district and the city. Whether they are presidents or not… Presidents who live in life, who know both their neighborhood, neighborhood, plain, field, who knows what they are planting are at least a natural right to make suggestions even if they are not candidates. ”

Advice for new candidates
In his speech, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who also made suggestions to the candidate for mayor, said: Büyük How can I improve my town and district? How do I increase the income of my citizens? How can I achieve economic growth? First, look for answers to these questions. Talk to the citizen. I'm not going to do this to you, but whatever you do with you, ask your bitches to grow up. This is the right method. We have been conducting this path for 15 years. Izmir, the municipality has become clear. Turkey in particular is where the Izmir municipality model. Although everyone behaves timid, the AKP and the CHP, many mayors took the model of Izmir as an example. It is useful to know that, m he said.

I would return
Referring to the district tours, Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that he could not visit this week because of his discomfort, but that his visit will continue from where he left, saying, “I thank both and work for the CHP. This is my primary and indispensable task. Nobody should doubt that. I'm just going to work for my party. I believe that the work I have done before the candidates are certain is more valuable. ”

In the recent days, the Chairman of the İzmir Provincial Chairman Aydın Şengül'ın TCA report in the share of the share taken by Izmir 'CHP Zübük doing the politics' expressing the President Kocaoğlu said:
“Aydın Şengül made a statement saying, 'Izmir is getting so much share.' Our CHP İzmir Deputy friend said that this is not the case. I will not take that word from my mouth here. I return the title used to the Provincial President to him once. I want to say that the adjective he used for our deputies sat down on him since he himself distorted the numbers. ”

İzmirliler forget these numbers
If the science of statistics is correctly read, he added that he has given the correct figures.
“If honest people, honest people, people with science morals read statistical information, they are given right. You try to distort it, read it in reverse, if you use statistics for your political purposes, you will read as you see. Apple and pear are not compared. Apple has separate statistics and pear has different statistics. The university graduate knows this very well. Leaving aside the percentages, the statistic says: 'The state has a budget.' Let's say this is 100. What is İzmir getting out of this? What did İzmir give? What is the population of İzmir? What is the ratio in the total population? İzmir pays 66 billion lira tax per year. Its share in the total is 11 percent. The city, where 55 percent live, gives 11.5 percent tax. More than 2 times per person. So what does he get from his total income tax and budget? 2.1 percent! In other words, the taxpayer in Izmir gives the state 11.5 percent of total tax revenues. But the money coming to Izmir, including the state budget, the governor's salary and the budget of the municipalities, is 2 percent. Don't forget these numbers! When you compare it like this, when you go from macro to micro, you understand better what statistics means and how the central government looks at İzmir. ”

Metro facts
Referring to what happened in 2008 and giving an example of the construction process of the subway, Kocaoğlu continued his criticism by saying 'There is no such thing as AK Party municipality.' Kocaoğlu said, “It is a very bad thing to get old with the mayor. You remember everything. In 2008, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Melih Gökçek, who greeted by phone, said, "I cannot make this metro." The Ministry of Transport took over and did it. Kadir Topbaş did the same in Istanbul. The projects of these were undertaken by the Ministry. An article came to us in 2008. They said, 'If there is a rail system you cannot do, hand them over to us'. At that time we were about to finish the Üçkuyular Metro. They will say 'Aziz, CHP has not finished'; can we give it? Do we leave our job in half? 'We have 3 more metro projects. We said Üçkuyular-Narlıdere, Üçyol-Buca and Halkapınar- Bus Station. We sent them as proposals. They said, 'We will do the Halkapınar-Bus Terminal together with the high-speed train'. We have even infected them that they will not do it. We officially infected. It was then 2008. Now we are going to the 2019 elections. In the meantime, elections were held in 2009 and 2014. The track between Bizim Halkapınar and Otogar does not even have a name. Now they will start again. They will say so much, but nothing else will happen. ”

Touching on the situation of CHP mayors who took over the AKP municipality, Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “They are our friends who live how the AKP municipality managed the municipality and how they handed over a debt swamped, sunken municipality. There is no such thing as AKP municipalism. We saw him in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and other provinces. We wish all our mayor candidates to be successful. ”

Izmir's spirit needs in Turkey
Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş stated the following in his speech at the ceremony:
“We are together at the opening of a parking lot that suits İzmir on a bright Izmir day. I believe that hearts have souls. There is also a libertarian, bright, warm spirit that surrounds people in İzmir. Here, all employees of Izmir, especially Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, are working for the continuation of this spirit and human warmth and happiness of İzmir. This spirit also a great need for Turkey. At this point, we should be hand in hand. We need unity and solidarity to carry the spirit of Izmir everywhere. ”

See also a view from the car park
15 XMUMX car park in the area of ​​Usakizade Muammer Bey Street. There are also 465 pieces of motorcycle park and 25 free bicycle park in the parking lot. Production cost 16 million TL. The top part of the car park meets the road elevation of 8 Street. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which also prepared a surprise for the citizens, offers the opportunity to use the 10.3 square meters on the roof of the parking lot for the use of the people in the car park. The car park, which can be used by the surrounding people, also provides easy access between 141 (Bahattin Tatış) Street and 460 Street.

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