450 Million Euro Investment in Erciyes Ski Center

million euro investment in erciyes ski resort 450
million euro investment in erciyes ski resort 450

Erciyes Ski Center met with Istanbullu travel agencies

One of the few ski resorts in the world to Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center, 2023 450 million years will find the investment to be made.

Erciyes Ski Center, 200 million euros to the date of investments and investments continue to record that Kayseri Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Board of DirectorsDr. Murat Cahid Cıngı, said:

“We are one of the largest ski resorts in the world. To date, more than 200 million Euros were invested in Erciyes. The investment to be made in the Erciyes Ski Center until 6 will find 21 million Euros with the investments of public sector to be made in the next period and the 2023 bin bed with the private sector.

Murat Cahid Cıngı told about skiers and skiers from all over the world from Germany to Russia, from Poland to Italy, from China to Japan and from Erciyes Winter Center, this year (2018 / 2019) about 2 million 250 thousand people in Erciyes said they aim to host.

Murat Cahid Cıngı emphasized that the youth and students from all over the world and especially from Turkey and all over the world have shown great interest among the winter sports centers in Erciyes Winter Center. Ülk One day ticket in Austria, for example, is 50 Euro, and 55 TL in Erciyes. Due to the technical equipment and quality of the runways, and the fact that the 10 floor is more economical, we will soon become the base of the youth especially in the winter sports. Pist

Erciyes Ski Center meets with travel agencies in Istanbul

Ün The Promotion of Kayseri and Erciyes Ski Center Ar meeting, which was held every year in Istanbul, was hosted by BW Citadel Hotel, which is part of Artaş Group. Hoteliers Association of Turkey (TÜROB) Director General Ismail Taşdemir, Erciyes Inc. Chairman Dr. Murat Cahid Cıngı, Artaş Group Tourism Investments Coordinator Recep Arifoğlu, with the participation of officials from Istanbul and Kayseri was organized with the participation of travel agencies.

The results of the promotional activities are paid off in a short time

Artaş Group Tourism Investments Coordinator Recep Arifoğlu, who delivered the opening speech of the meeting, said:

Pot Our pearl of Anatolia, Kayseri, 6 with a thousand-year history, culture, gastronomy, industry, trade, Sultansazlığı Bird Sanctuary, Kapuzbaşı Waterfall and Erciyes Ski Center has a very rich potential. Erciyes Ski Center is a real winter sports center like the ones in Europe and it is among the few ski resorts in the world. Kayseri Governorship, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, local administrations, Erciyes AS, THY Kayseri, Kayseri tourism companies and our association with TÜROB together with the results of the promotion activities have given a short time. Both Erciyes Ski Resort and Cappadocia destinations have attracted great interest from foreign tour operators and they were included in the scope of travel by operators. We, as tourismists, are trying to contribute to these beauties with new colors. It will be the most beautiful contribution that we can make to this city in order to attract the tourists in nearby countries that have not yet discovered our city. Our Radisson Blu Hotel in Kayseri is ranked second among the guests of Radisson Blu Hotels as the brand value. In addition, we are planning to open the doors of our new Radisson Blu Vadistanbul hotel, which we will open in the Valley Istanbul, on January 2019. Ayrıca

Erciyes does not search for examples in the world and Europe

Delivering a speech at the meeting Hoteliers Association of Turkey (TÜROB) Director General Ismail Taşdemir, he said:

A In terms of sustainability of tourism in our country, new destinations, new products are needed. Guests coming to our country want to discover new destinations. The spread of tourism to Anatolia is of great importance. We have been to Kayseri many times. Erciyes does not search for examples in the world and in Europe. We participated in promotional activities in Ukraine, Czech Republic and Middle East. Erciyes Winter Center, the historical and cultural richness of Kayseri, the hotels including the Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri and many other elements such as Cappadocia, add value to the region as a world-class tourism destination. Erc

Erciyes Tourism Master Plan consists of 3 sections

Providing information about the work carried out in Erciyes Ski Center Murat Cahid Cıngı, Erciyes Tourism Master Plan consists of 3 parts, telling, continued his speech:

X According to geological research, Mount Erciyes is about 1 million years old. As we mentioned earlier, an investment of more than 200 million Euros was made. Turkey's most developed ski infrastructure, and "the artificial snow making system" have. In addition to the mechanical facilities known as 'ropeways' among the public, our ski slopes with different degrees of difficulty, including 100 kilometers, ski lifts, telekabins and gondolas; We have facilities like baby lift, snow tubing, climbing walls to support non-ski entertainment activities such as walking carpet (magic carpet), children's play areas, training areas, skid areas. We are one of the best-managed mountains in the world. Erciyes Tourism Master Plan; Erciyes Ski Center, 6 is a thousand-year-old Kayseri city and Cappadocia, including 3 sections. As Kayseri Erciyes AŞ, we describe Erciyes and the winter tourism potential of our country in our overseas meetings and fairs. Radisson Blu Hotel continues to promote our city and our country in Kayseri with national feelings. Radisson

Artaş Group Tourism Investments Coordinator Recep Arifoğlu, Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri General Manager Burak Aydın, Radisson Blu Hotel Vadistanbul General Manager Atakan Altuğ, General Manager of BW Plus The President Hotel Atacan Yücel, General Manager of BW Citadel Hotel Aytekin Güç, European Residence Suites General Manager Ercan Yilmaz's Artas Group Tourism Investments team was closely involved with travel agencies from Istanbul and Kayseri.

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