Ercis Roads Are Renewed

renewed ways
renewed ways

Van Metropolitan Municipality, along with the main streets in Erciş, has renewed many rural neighborhood roads. 45 of 85 kilometers of road and asphalt works carried out in the form of two stages were completed and presented to the service of the citizens.

Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department completes the road and asphalt works for the districts. In this context, the winter road in the center of Erciş district, Petrol Caddesi, Boarding School Street and Çınarlı-Gölağzı road in the rural Örene, Derimevi, Koçköprü, Topraklı and Kocapınar neighborhood roads were covered with hot asphalt and opened to the service of the citizen. Alkanat Caddesi and Ortayayla Quarter Group Road were about to be completed.

Stating that the roads are in international standards with the infrastructure and asphalt quality, Serdar Tarhan, Head of the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, said that they had put up a quality work in the districts as well as in the city center.

Tarhan stated that the work in the district is about to be completed and added: han We made serious road and asphalt investments in 2018 with the instructions of our governor in Erciş, which is the most populous city of our province. We have reached the last stage of our work in the 2 section, including the district center and rural neighborhoods. 1. 5 main street in the section we did 1 kilometers Alkanat Caddemiz other than the others were completed. We didn't just do asphalt work here. At the same time, infrastructure, drain line and pedestrian way we have done the work. As for our rural areas, we have completed the 20 rural neighborhood road of 5 kilometers. Here, we have only left the Ortayayla Quarter group. Hopefully we will complete this before the end of the season. 45 of our 85 kilometer road and asphalt works were completed in the entire district. In the rest of our work continues, Geri he said.

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