EGO and 25 District Municipality's 2019 Year Budget Talks Begins

ego and 25 ilce municipality's 2019 year butce talks started
ego and 25 ilce municipality's 2019 year butce talks started

The budget marathon started in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council.

At the first parliamentary meeting of November, all of the articles of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, EGO, ASKİ and 25 district municipality's 2019 Fiscal Year Budget were all referred to the Planning and Budget Commission.

In the Municipal Assembly meeting chaired by Ali İhsan Ölmez, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly; From issues to infrastructure, social and cultural aids to street and street naming issues that closely concern the urban agenda were discussed. New members were elected in the Metropolitan Assembly for different reasons.


In the City Council, it was decided that the women and children staying in the Women's Guest Houses belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality would continue to be given the allowance.

According to the agenda item that comes to the Assembly as a presidential letter, the monthly female 120 TL is given to the women staying in the Women's Guest Houses based on TUBA poverty data provided that the 150 TL given for each child is not less than the 50 TL for each child. determination was adopted unanimously.


Another agenda item discussed in the Metropolitan Municipality Council was the granting of support to the orphan children in the Metropolitan Municipality of Child Protection Houses during the 2019 fiscal year.

Acting with the understanding of social municipality, Metropolitan Municipality Council; He unanimously agreed to provide TL 1 per month to primary school 4st-, 200th-year students, 5 TL per month to primary school 8th-to-230th grade students, and 9 TL to 12th-280th grade students. It was also decided to give 60 students a monthly card and pass.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has switched to the national and national software çalış PARDUS alty operating system developed by TÜBİTAK, will sign a protocol with Hacettepe University within the scope of the transformation studies in IT infrastructure.

It was unanimously agreed to sign a protocol with the Computer Engineering Department of Hacettepe University in order to disseminate the use of Pardus and open source software and to provide educational processes with the presidential letter adopted by the unanimous vote in the Metropolitan Municipality Council.


It was decided to support the Dipkarpaz Municipality of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the city council.

In April, Mayor of Dipkarpaz Mayor Suphi Coskun and the delegation accompanying him were assisted by Assoc. Dr. During the visit of Mustafa Tuna, the ”Nature Park Park project was also discussed.

In the Presidential letter to the Mayor of the Municipality, the article titled esi Carrying out social and cultural solidarity between the TRNC and our country to the more advanced, contributing to the Dipkarpaz Municipality Nature Park Project in the extent of budgetary opportunities in order to strengthen the bonds of historical unity and solidarity Belediye. Di The demand was unanimously approved.


In the parliament, new members were elected as members of parliament for different reasons.

24 Akyurt who passed away in October, AK Party Assembly Member Ilhan Sener Akyurt AK Party Council Member Hilal Ayik was elected, while Sener Hilal Ayik was appointed as a commission member.

On the grounds that he did not attend the Assembly meetings without excuse for three times, Hüseyin Demirezen was replaced by AK Party Beypazarı Councilor İbrahim Demir who was both a member of Beypazarı and Metropolitan Municipality.

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