Eastern Express Demands Cannot Carry Out Resort: Tourist Anatolia Express

dogu ekspresi has become unappealing
dogu ekspresi has become unappealing

Can't Carry East Express Demands Remedy: Touristic Anatolia Express Travel agents, who acted on the failure of the Eastern Express to meet the demands, started lobbying for a train that will travel across Anatolia. The new favorite of tourism, Eastern Express and Kars tour Doğu It has become almost impossible to find a place in December-March in the Eastern Express, where interest increases every year. TCDD, which increased the number of sleepers, which was one in previous years, is insufficient to meet the demands due to the current technical conditions.

The solution proposal of the tourists who can not respond to the intense demand from their customers is the gelen touristic train M. Tourism tourists, one of the world's leading tourism products, the example of Siberian Express, says that a touristic train between Istanbul and Kars will see great interest from abroad as well as from abroad. If it happens, it is suggested that the touristic train will make significant contributions to the tourism of the cities on the route.

Ve Becomes a worldwide tourism product and can operate 12 “

The travel agencies, which suggest that the train will become a worldwide tourism product, says that this time can be easily extended to the 12 moon with specially planned time and carriage design.

They will submit the project to TÜRSAB and then to the Ministry

The agencies, which draw attention to the difficulty of achieving the project without public support, are preparing to steal the door of TÜRSAB and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the project they prepared in the near future.

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