Diyarbakır-Mardin Railway Construction Contribution


A tender was held for the construction of a new line of 53 kilometers in Diyarbakır-Mardin Railway. 384 million 733 thousand pounds in the tender carried out at the price of the lowest bid 380 million 615 thousand pounds despite the tender 489 million 637 thousand liraya Cengiz Construction was given to the tender. CHP Tahsin Tarhan brought the agenda of the Parliament.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) held an auction at the end of September.

From the railroad serving between Diyarbakır and Mardin, the price of 53.8 million 384 thousand pounds was determined for the tender which includes the construction of a new line of 733 kilometers to Mazıdağı. Ederay-İmaj-Mataleks partnership gave the lowest bid in the tender attended by many companies. The partnership set a cost of 380 million 615 thousand pounds for the construction of a new railway line and presented its proposal. Among the companies participating in the tender were the Cengiz Construction, which is known for its proximity to the AKP. Cengiz Construction's offer was 489 million 637 thousand liras. After the tender, TCDD evaluated the offers and gave the job to Cengiz Construction company, which offered more than 109 million pounds from the lowest bid. Cengiz Construction with TCDD signed a contract last week.


Grand National Assembly of Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission CHP Group SözcüSu Tahsin Tarhan said the public suffered great damage.

Tarhan ası In accordance with the procurement law, the interests of public institutions should be preserved and a low-cost, impartial and fair tender is required. The tender covers the railway line to be built specifically for a fertilizer plant. How true is this to be given to Cengiz Construction? We're talking about a difference of 109 million pounds. In this environment, it is nothing more than extravagance when it is possible to evaluate the most appropriate proposals. Here, the public is clearly damaged ”.


The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of the Parliament Mehmet Cahit Turhan'in requesting a reply to the requesting questions Tarhan answered the following questions;
- On what grounds has Cengiz İnşaat's proposal been accepted? Why didn't the construction companies who made less proposals from Cengiz Construction have been evaluated?
- What is the reason why the Ministry of Transport, which is one of the most damaging public institutions, needs to make savings, while Cengiz İnşaat is awarded more than 109 million bid?
-Ederay-İmaj-Metaleks partnership is the tender given by your ministry before?

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