Traffic Training for Minibus Drivers from Denizli Metropolitan

traffic education to minibus
traffic education to minibus

📩 06/11/2018 10:06

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's traffic trainings for city minibus line drivers continue.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality provides traffic trainings for city minibus line drivers. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Education Park, the first aid for drivers, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Commercial Line Minibus Work Regulation, traffic culture and traffic rules are discussed. During the trainings, which also includes first aid information in emergencies that may occur in the minibus, the drivers are also told about the traffic accidents and the violations that have occurred and the errors are pointed out.

Public transport vehicle usage certificate will be given

He is working in the Occupational Health and Safety Unit of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Nuri Ercan and Traffic Training Park trainers given by the traffic training 500 minibus driver was expressed until today, while continuing training said. At the end of the trainings, the drivers who successfully passed the exam will be given a certificate of public transportation.

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