Worker in Railroad Tunnel Construction

railroad snowmobile workman trainer 2
railroad snowmobile workman trainer 2

In the Güroymak district of Bitlis, the 21 worker who was under the train lost his life during the maintenance of the snow tunnels on the railway.

In Güroymak district of Bitlis, a worker working on a railroad lost his life as a result of the collision of a freight train.

According to information received, the incident occurred near the district of Güroymak. In order to prevent an avalanche in winter, the workers, who work on the railway wall for the snow tunnel, were hit by a freight train to Semih Kaya, who is one of the few in the year.

Rock was seriously injured as a result of the crash, Güroymak State Hospital was removed. Despite all the intervention in the hospital workers could not be saved.


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