Railways are the Antidote of the Economic Crisis

railways are the antidote to the economic crisis
railways are the antidote to the economic crisis

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınIn the November issue of Raillife magazine, the article titled Pan Railways is the antidote of the Economic Crisis ife was published.


For a thousand years in this land of the homeland of heaven, which has cradled countless civilizations, we have survived as a nation and lived together.

I wholeheartedly believe that we will overcome the recent economic hardships that deeply affect us all.

As always, at the beginning of the liberation prescription from the difficult days of our country, the railway and symbol of our future are coming.

Because the rail, clean and cheap energy consuming, investment and maintenance costs are low; comfortable, comfortable and safe transportation system.

That is why we continue to build our country from east to west, from north to south by high speed and fast rail networks like lace.

In addition to the new railway lines, we attach great importance to domestic and national production with R & D studies.

High-speed railway construction, which requires high technology, has achieved a high level of localization, such as 90.

We are now importing and exporting railroad rail components consisting of scissors, rails, sleepers and fasteners that we import until recently; In the production of domestic wagon, locomotive and train sets, we have also made significant progress.

As a parent company, we make a significant contribution to our country's economy by successfully continuing the production of domestic and national locomotives, freight wagons and diesel train sets that we initiated in our subsidiaries in Sivas, Eskişehir and Sakarya.

With the goal of taking up the locality of all the products as much as possible, and taking on the duty of locomotive in preventing the current network of our country, I commemorate the railroad lovers, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who said ”The welfare and hope are tevlit, em in the 80 of the year of eternity.

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