Infrastructure Works in Demirağ OSB Continue

demirag osbde infrastructure works in progress
demirag osbde infrastructure works in progress

The General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration of Sivas Mehmet Nebi Kaya, the supervision of the Ministry of the Special Provincial Administration of Sivas and the investment and production base of Sivas in the ongoing infrastructure work in the Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone examined on-site.

Founded in the area of ​​20 in Sivas, located in 8.140 and located in 72, Sivas, Kaya has been receiving information from the contractor firm authorities.

logistics centers and rail links with the region in the railway network will be hosted Demirağ OSB will be one of Turkey's most important centers and examples.

With the realization of the project, all other operations, especially national and international transportation, distribution, storage and customs clearance operations will be carried out on site. In this way, logistics costs will decrease, transport and transfer times will be shortened, common expenses will decrease, service quality will increase and supply chain will be strengthened.

Demirag Organized Industrial Zone consists of 224 plots including 262 industrial plots. 100 acres 16 parcels await investors; will be able to meet the demands of various sizes in other parcels.

Within the scope of infrastructure works; 31.4 km wastewater network, 24.7 km rainwater discharge network and 29.4 km drinking water line construction will be carried out. Also within the scope of the project 27.1 thousand square meters of cobblestone work will be completed.

In the investigation, Secretary General Kaya was accompanied by Plan Project Investment and Construction Manager Göksel Yerlikaya, OSB Manager Bekir Sıtkı Eminoğlu and technical personnel.


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