Appeal to the Expert in Corlu Train Crash


📩 17/11/2018 12:20

8 in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ Province 25 was killed in July and the expert report prepared for the train disaster in which 340 was injured was disputed by the relatives of those killed in the accident.

In the petition of appeals, Prof. Dr. of the Istanbul Development University, Dr. Mustafa Karaşahin, Consultant of the Ministry of Transport, Istanbul University Professor. Dr. Bekir Sıddık Binboğa Yarman stated that he was the chairman of the board of companies conducting the signaling works of the line. knowledge, the impartiality of the expert and the objectivity of the report prepared to overshadow ve said.

In the petition to prepare a new report, ası We reject the expert Mustafa Karaşahin and Bekir Sıddık Binboğa Yarman. We request a new delegation to be established with the acceptance of our demand for red, to examine all aspects of the incident and to receive a new report in which the omissions and responsible persons will be examined in detail ile.

4 person 'principal flawed'

At the request of Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, the expert committee prepared a 33 page report. On the grounds that he did not do the necessary maintenance on the report, Turgut Kurt, Road Maintenance Repair Chief Özkan Polat, Line Maintenance and Repair Officer Celaleddin Çabuk and Bridges Chief Çetin Yıldırım found the gerek main flawed Rapor.

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