Çorlu Train Disaster Seconds Seconds on Camera

corludaki train faciasi second seconds on camera
corludaki train faciasi second seconds on camera

Çorlu Train Disaster Seconds Second Camera: 8 in Çorlu Hürriyet newspaper reached the footage of the train tragedy in which 25 people died and 340 people were injured in July. İsmail Saymaz from Hürriyet does not see any puddles in and around the rail during the accident. The image of the front camera of the train is visible a few meters before the gap under the rails. As the train passes over the rail gap, it falls into the pit. According to the images of the cockpit camera, the driver Halil Altınkaya leaps from his seat and hits his head on the ceiling. Second engineer Suat Şahin is also seen falling. After the mechanics stop the train, they leave the cockpit and go to help. As the train stops and the survivors land on the road, the train personnel and other passengers try to save those who have been knocked over.

In the expert report, these images are said to be: kol During the passage of the locomotive, it was clearly seen that the mechanic increased the seat 5-10 an inch from the seat and sat in the seat again. It is understood from the movement of the camera that the engineer feels an abnormality, even with the series brakes, but it should be kept in mind that before the brake, the train can brake after the engineer's transition period.

Lawyer Turan Hançerli said: değil It is not before the train is passing, but it has already occurred. The softening in the soil had nothing to do with the flood and rain. He was driving for days. Negligence could be detected in advance and the accident could be prevented. There is a severe neglect due to the failure to fulfill the maintenance and control obligation. Bakım

Current and New High Speed ​​Rail Route

Available over Muratlı Halkalı, ÇerkezköyTo be used by line freight trains between Edirne and Kapikule.

With the new high-speed train line, travel time and distance are shortened.


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