Public Transport Rules

collective transport rules
collective transport rules

📩 06/11/2018 10:08

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, to minimize the problems of public transportation for elementary and middle school students' 'Respect from you, Love from us' a themed and playful theater play. In the play konusunda Courtesy and Etiquette of Public Transport taş, the students learn how to behave in public transportation.

Driver training was given to the public transport drivers with the training protocol made between the Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department and the Kocaeli Governorship and the Provincial Directorate of National Education. In addition to the trainings given to the drivers, the 50 minute theater play on the de Courtesy and Etiquette of Public Transport okul stage is staged for the primary and secondary school students in Kocaeli. Theater and students are taught how to behave in public transportation.

According to the protocol made with Provincial Directorate of National Education for the screening of the theater, the 12 school in the 19 district in Kocaeli was determined. In total, the theater play, which is planned to reach 5 thousand students, started to be staged in the schools. The theme of den Courtesy and Etiquette in Public Transport “in 50 episodes and 9 episodes. information given to students.

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