Cleaning in Public Transport Vehicles for Healthy Transportation in Sakarya

Bulk Transport Vehicles
Bulk Transport Vehicles

📩 22/11/2018 10:25

Stating that they carried out a rigorous study for the hygiene of the Metropolitan Municipality buses, Pistil said, Pist We always keep the quality and satisfaction at the forefront in the services we offer to our citizens and we carry out periodic spraying operations ediy.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation continues to carry out cleaning operations in a continuous manner. Fatih Pistil, the Head of the Department of Transportation, who made statements about the activities carried out periodically, stressed that the citizens made a maximum effort to travel in a healthier way.

Cleaning work on buses
. We always prioritize quality and satisfaction in the services we offer to our citizens. In this context, we conduct a rigorous study on the cleanliness of our municipal buses. With the products approved by the Ministry of Health, we carry out spraying activities against the diseases that may occur periodically in our municipal buses. In this way, we eliminate the germs and eliminate the possible disease risks. As stated, we will continue our efforts for the satisfaction of our citizens in public transportation. Ti

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