China to Build Underwater Tunnel for High Speed ​​Train

will build submarine tunnels for high speed train
will build submarine tunnels for high speed train

Local authorities in China, A submarine to connect the two cities of China's eastern provinces to the high-speed train (YHT) announced plans to establish a tunnel.

The high-speed train project, which will link Ningbo city with Zhoushan island city in the east of Zhejiang, will be 16.2 km with a total 70.92 km submarine tunnel.

The trains are designed for the 250 speed per hour and the 1,5 hour trip between the two cities will be reduced to less than a minute.

The length of China's high-speed train line is 25.000 km. This corresponds to up to% 60 of the world's high-speed train line.

On the other hand, Zhejiang is one of the first provinces in China to build the YHT rail.

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