CHP's Tekin: We Will Terminate IDO's Agreement

we will terminate the agreement of the idol
we will terminate the agreement of the idol

After İDO canceled the domestic flights after the privatization decision, the reactions came one after another.

While CHP MP Gürsel Tekin reacted to the unacceptable decision of İDO in his press release, he announced that they would terminate İDO's privatization tender contract when they came to the city administration.

Full text of Gürsel Tekin's press information:

The AKP, in its own words, is in mastery. They're keeping us mastery. You know that they have switched to a model of public-private cooperation, which means ine selling the future and the non-selling “. We pay the price of the bridge we did not pass, the examination share of the hospital we did not go to, the air fare of the airport we did not land on the tenders they made. If the number of vehicles guaranteed to cross the bridge to Istanbul is below the commitment, the Hakkarians will also pay the price for the people of İzmir. The men are charged as if they had landed at the Kütahya Airport from Ankara. The next year will be born, now those in the womb are being charged in this genius tender model.

There is another tender that we have done in the past and today we pay the price together.

I am talking about the privatization tender of Istanbul Sea Buses Industry and Trade Inc. (IDO).

As it will be known, 1987% of the shares of Istanbul Deniz Busleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (İDO), which was established in 100 as a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, were sold at a price of $ 4046 million on the date of 8.4.2011 within the framework of the Law No. 861 on Privatization Practices. It was sold to Tepe-Akfen-Souter-SeraOrtak Enterprise Group.

The scope of the tender; steamers, all scaffolding, scaffolding in the buffet, restaurants, such as commercial enterprise opening, right to rent, including the transfer of small engines; even at that time CHP Istanbul Provincial Directorate; Ği It is known that such privatization of the public service is both unlawful and that this company may cancel its cancellation due to the cost of some lines in the future in and it goes to the court for the cancellation of the tender.

At that time, about 7 years ago, those who betrayed Istanbul who ignored the warnings of any organization, including myself; that day, the wrong way, in a complicated way, unlawfully; Previously TEKEL, TELEKOM, the latest sugar factories in the privatization applications, as well as the benefit of the public, not in the interest of someone in a tender made to pay the price of all Istanbulis today.

It should be known that; Araç To carry out public transportation services within the metropolitan area and to establish, install, operate or operate the necessary facilities for this purpose, to license the public transportation vehicles including taxi and service vehicles in the land and sea within the metropolitan boundaries. Regarding the public transport lines within the metropolitan area; to decide the operation of public transportation services on the lines to be determined based on the distance from the city center, population and number of users using the line. ecek In accordance with its provisions, urban sea transportation is the privilege of metropolitan municipalities.

The most striking fact is:

According to the sub-clause (f) of Article 5393 of the Municipal Law numbered 15; For this purpose, to establish, to establish, to operate and to operate all kinds of public transportation systems, including bus, sea and water transportation vehicles, tunnel, rail system for this purpose, has been counted among the powers and privileges of the municipality.

According to the last paragraph of the article 15 of the law;

The municipality may delegate the right / authority to establish, establish, operate and operate geç sea transportation im held in subparagraph (f) by the opinion of the Court of Appeals and with the decision of the Ministry of the Interior through a concession, not to exceed the duration of forty-nine years; carry out public transport services by granting a license or a non-monopoly; public transport lines can be rented or serviced via service purchase.

While this provision is in the middle, according to the legislation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality authority and privilege of the sea transportation of all rights of a private company / monopoly transfer to a private company is primarily unlawful. They undertook a privatization tender like IDO and handed it over to a private company / monopoly.

They sold the right to rent together with many goods owned by IDO, and most importantly, they sold the right of public transport to the municipality and the right to carry public transport.

You can customize a company. IDO is also customized. The customization bet in the law includes the sale of that company to a private company / person. However, as in this tender, you cannot sell maritime transportation, lines and scaffolding with the concession of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by taking this tender into consideration. The joint venture / company that acquires IDO may enter into a tender which is in compliance with the provisions of the State Tender Law No. 2886 only for the leasing of urban transportation lines of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The lease period in these tenders may not be more than 10 years. Because the privatization process was not made as a concession transfer, it was made only as the transfer of the whole share of IDO.

Since there is no concession transfer, the Council of State and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in its legislation are mentioned in the response to the resolutions to which the opinion was not received by the authorities of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

As a result;

1-) Considering that this tender, which is open to the unlawful nature, can be canceled at any time according to the legal rules of the contract concluded; When we take over the management of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, due to my commitment to hukuk protect the interests of the city and the urban area,, I will re-open the closed lines to the benefit of the Istanbulites in the name of the public.

2-) Based on the human rights of all transportation services including urban transportation; that I will not make a cost calculation in public services, I will see Istanbul as a city with 24 hours.

3-) Public rights and concessions are not for private / private companies such as ı masters X; I will use for all Istanbulites,

I want her to be known.

Let's remind once more!

Municipalities are not companies. They have the status of public institution. They use public resources.

The governors and the members of the council have the status of public personnel. They don't work with the profit account, they can't work.

With respect to the public,

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