Cengiz Topel Bridge Junction will Grow for Christmas

Contact Cengiz Topel directly
Contact Cengiz Topel directly

📩 12/11/2018 13:23

After the opening of the Courthouse Junction, the countdown for the crossroads on Cengiz Topel Street continues. Zekai Kafaoğlu, Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu, who supervised the ongoing works on site and put pressure on the contractor firm to finish until the beginning of the year, made the final inspection on the previous day and made statements.

Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu stated that his targets were to create a happy and peaceful Balıkesir in traffic, and that if there were no setbacks, Cengiz Topel Köprülü Junction would be opened at the beginning of the year.

President Kafaoğlu, who made statements on the project that will bring both sides of the city together, continued his words as follows: Engiz We studied the ongoing works at the Bridge Interchange on Cengiz Topel Street. Contractor firm now bored piles and made the feet of the bridge. The beams, which will be the last to come, are also ready. He promised to finish them by Christmas. In our review, we saw that this place could be opened until Christmas. If there is no obstacle from Allah, we will be bringing together both ends of Balıkesir by opening this bridged junction until Christmas. Alteylül and Karesi district; Pashaalanı, Sefaköy, Ali Hikmetpaşa Neighborhoods, especially the city hospital, courthouse and the city center to go to the new shopping center without entering the traffic junction at the junction, the old Kepsut Street to pass the railway with the overpass and the Cengiz Topel Street at the junction of the light from the upper passage to the junction of the courthouse. Thus, city traffic will be relieved severely. Because the city hospital 10 a day close to the clinic is done close to. 20 thousand people come to our city hospital on a daily basis. There are 2.700 personnel working in the city hospital. We have 700 staff living in the courthouse. 10 will be 1.500 staff working here in our shopping center. If you think that the 10.000 person goes to the shopping center on a daily basis, it is estimated that the population of the city will be displaced to 40 to 50 thousand. That is how you understand this road, how important these crossroads are. I wish these services to be beneficial to the people of Balıkesir. Not enough, of course. We'il do more. In order to relieve urban traffic in Balıkesir, we now turn our 18 lighted junction into a dynamic junction. This is a system that will automatically burn the red light by watching the cameras and burn green light to the places where the queues are too long. Hopefully, our goal is to be a happy and peaceful city in traffic. İn

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