Kanal Istanbul Project Will Bring A New Vision

canal Istanbul project will bring a new vision
canal Istanbul project will bring a new vision

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, Channel Istanbul Project within the scope of the 5 separate route is working, the project is at the stage of completion, he said.

Canal Istanbul Project Turhan Turkey stressed that one of the project's vision, the project will provide value to Turkey, it would raise the brand value and the Istanbul Strait maritime traffic would be the solution to a growing problem.

Turhan pointed out that the Bosphorus caused problems in the city transportation, touristic travels and international maritime trade vehicles due to Montreux Agreement and from time to time the accidents were experienced and the Bosphorus was the most difficult and the most critical seaway of the world.

Turhan reminiscent of ships given to the ships passing the Bosphorus Turhan, despite the non-recyclable at times in the Bosphorus said that the values ​​were destroyed.

Turhan pointed out that the most economic transportation in the world trade is the sea. While there is a need for such a channel, the channel will see the work of the Bosphorus, 'Let's make a project that will contribute to the city' with the idea of ​​Channel Istanbul Project was designed with the understanding that will bring a new vision to urbanism in the world. Ihtiyacı

”The project has reached the end stage“

Under the Channel Istanbul Project, Turhan said that 5 is working on a separate route and the most suitable route is Küçükçekmece-Yeniköy line, the sea water tests are carried out with tests and the project is at the end stage.

Turhan, the project in the 1 / 100.000 zoning plans reached the final point, said:

Yeri Istanbul Bosphorus is the most valuable place of Istanbul as urbanism and property value. Due to the Bosphorus Reconstruction Law, there is little or no construction. There is an urban transformation project in Istanbul against earthquake risk. In particular, settlements on the edge of the Marmara coast are at risk. It is necessary to move the buildings with the urban transformation projects to the places where the safety of the buildings are difficult. When moving, it should not be planned without planning, it is necessary to relieve the regions that are very dense. In this respect, we are also reflecting the urbanism sensitivity of our President in this project. Bu

L The tenderers of the project are not only Chinese “

Turhan pointed out that in the region where Kanal Istanbul Project will be carried out, the reserve area areas in the borders of Küçükçekmece, Arnavutköy and Başakşehir districts were determined.

Turhan also mentioned the number of bridges and tunnels in the Kanal Istanbul Project and noted:

Tı We have the current 6 bridge, one of them is the railway line. These are to be renewed and the additional 4 will be considered as a bridge for the needs that will occur here. In the scope of Kanal Istanbul Project, 10 bridge is planned to be constructed. The tenderers of the project are not only Chinese but also investors from different parts of the world come to learn about the project. As an investment project, they want to participate. We share our project with them, sometimes there are turns. Of course this will be a tender, this is a public project. We are in search of doing this with build-operate-transfer method or foreign credit. Bunu

Transferring the existing transportation, communication, energy, water and natural gas lines to the construction of the channel after the displacement of the transfer Turhan, these issues are evaluated by investors and plans to start work on the displacement of existing structures in the coming days, he added.

Concerning the tender date of the project, Turhan said, Kanal We are planning to start the 2019 at the beginning of the tenders for the displacement of the existing structures in accordance with the Kanal Istanbul Project. The construction of Kanal Istanbul should not be left to 2020. Kanal

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