Kanal Istanbul For Commercial Vessels Only

canal Istanbul only for commercial ships
canal Istanbul only for commercial ships

Republican People's Party (CHP) Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer asked the Minister of Transport Cahit Turhan about the feasibility studies of the Kanal Istanbul Project at the meeting of the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission, where the budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was discussed.

Gürer stated that the ship crossings in the Bosphorus decreased by 10 per cent in the last 25 year, however, while the feasibility study of Kanal Istanbul was carried out, the study was carried out considering that the passage of ships would increase.

Answering Gürer's questions in writing, Minister Turhan explained the feasibility studies of Kanal Istanbul considering the many parameters such as the OECD data and the trade volume in the Black Sea Region.


Minister Turhan, the size of the vessels passing through the channel from Istanbul to the Black Sea from the Bosphorus to the maximum ship size and transition percentages of all ports in the Black Sea anchoring capacities are taken into account, the impact of these issues on the cost of the channel wind, wave He stated that the navigation system is optimally determined as a result of the navigation modeling made by considering all operating conditions.

Turhan said that, because of the sharp turns and sharp currents in the Bosphorus, it has become necessary to eliminate the risk of cruising, life, property and environmental safety especially during large ship passages. Güvenli There are no sharp currents and sharp turns, such as the Bosphorus, and more güvenilir Channel Istanbul has been designed in a way that will enable the safer way of navigational safety in a controlled way. kontroll

Minister Turhan, "Channel Istanbul studies are carried out with precision in secrecy," he said.

Minister Turhan, Gürer'in gemi naval ships on the canal of Istanbul to the Black Sea will be the realization of this way? Indeki to the question mid Channel Istanbul ship traffic projections made only for commercial ships, and strategically critical ship types of work related to the transition. continued devam.

Turhan, the question about the bridges to be made within the scope of the project Proj The investment cost of the Canal Istanbul Project does not include expropriation and bridges. The bridges are planned to be constructed from the general budget instead of the build-operate-transfer model Kö.

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