A Call to Bursa: "Come Together Let's Chase the High Speed ​​Train and Want"

to call the scholarship and together we want to drop the speed train
to call the scholarship and together we want to drop the speed train

📩 06/11/2018 10:11

Everything is obvious… The bottleneck point where the high speed train issue has reached today is not political. Anyway, nobody looks politically and does not approach.
Because it directly concerns Bursa.
Our high-speed train, which remained at 70 percent, was unfortunately suspended, as the investments that reached 45 percent in the Economic Program criteria were expected to be completed.
Can't this situation be overcome? Of course it can be overcome.
Your way too ...
During the meeting at the TBMM Plan and Budget Commission, IYI Party Bursa Deputy Prof. Dr. İsmail Tatlıoğlu showed:
“Come, let's pursue it together as Bursa citizens. Let's be after this as 20 deputies and all non-governmental organizations in my city. "
He underlined:
“Bursa gives a current surplus of 5 billion dollars every year with its production and exports. It is also a leader in high value added production. It is necessary to support those who make this production and make the city easily accessible and easy to live. "
He repeated the call:
"Come, let's go after this together and let's say 'We, as Bursa, finance the cost of this project', say 'We deserve this investment'."
This call ...
On Friday evening, Prof. Dr. Tatlıoğlu drew attention to the following:
"Years ago, when he was Bursa deputy Ilhan Cutter 'Bursa Turkey's most remote city of Ankara' he said. Really it is."
Example gave:
“My party assigned me to Kütahya and Diyarbakır. On the way from Ankara to Diyarbakır in 45 minutes by plane. I would like to come to Bursa in 2.5 hours. "
He reminded that the project will not only carry passengers, but also a freight train, and he added, "The train is very important for Bursa to be easily accessible":
“The project has been realized at 45 percent. It was suspended according to the announced 70 percent completion criteria. Let's act as total politics for its solution. "
The call is:
“Let's not make this a party issue. Let's all stand behind it as a total Bursa power. "

Source: www.olay.com.t is - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz

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