Call to Bursa: üp Let us always want to come after high speed train in

to call the scholarship and together we want to drop the speed train
to call the scholarship and together we want to drop the speed train

Everything is in the middle siyasi The point of congestion of the high-speed train today is not political. Anyway, no one is looking at the political and not approaching.
Because it directly concerns Bursa.
Unfortunately, our high-speed train at 70 is unfortunately suspended due to the fact that it is foreseen to complete the investments in 45 with the realization of the Economic Program criteria.
Can't this situation be overcome? Of course it can be overcome.
Your way Yol
Parliamentary Plan Budget Commission, the President of the Strategy and Budget Chairman Naci Ağbal'a questioning the investment has been suspended with the question of BEST Party Bursa deputy Professor. Dr. İsmail Tatlıoğlu showed:
Im Come, let's pursue together as the people of Bursa. Let 20 become a deputy and all the civil society organizations of our city. X
He underlined:
Iyor With the production and export of Bursa, 5 billion dollars annually give a current surplus. Leader in high value-added production. It is necessary to support those who produce, to make the city easily accessible and easy to live. Bu
He repeated the call:
”Come, let's go after this together and say ediy We are financing the cost of this project as Bursa jen, bun Let's say we deserve this investment.“
Call this call Bu
On Friday evening at every aspect of the event television program. Dr. Tatlıoğlu pointed out:
"Years ago, when he was Bursa deputy Ilhan Cutter 'Bursa Turkey's most remote city of Ankara' he said. Really it is."
Example gave:
Di My party commissioned me in Kütahya and Diyarbakır. A flight from Ankara to Diyarbakir in 45 per minute. I want to come to Bursa at 2.5 hour. Bursa
He added that the project will not only carry passengers, but there will be a freight train. I The train is very important for Bursa to be easily accessible, Pro he added.
Miş Project 45 realized. The declared percentage is suspended according to the 70 completion criteria. Let us act as total politics for its solution. Ü
The call is:
“Let's not make this a party thing. Let's stand behind us as the total Bursa power. Hep

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