Comfort Transportation in the Mountain Districts of Bursa

comfortable transportation in bursan
comfortable transportation in bursan

While the transportation investments initiated by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in the 17 district continue uninterruptedly, there is a comfortable transportation period in the districts of Orhaneli, Büyükorhan, Harmancık and Keles.

In order to avoid transportation problems in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on smart junction applications and road expansion works, continues its efforts in order to make the existing roads in the districts healthier. Within the scope of the works in Orhaneli, one of the mountain districts, surfacing and hot asphalt works brought comfort and quality to roads. 1 kilometers in Orhaneli's Söğüt neighborhood, 2 kilometer in Yakuplar, 2,7 kilometer in the direction of Karesi - Firuz connection and 3 kilometer surface coating work in Kusumlar District were completed, while 3,5 kilometer hot asphalt study was carried out in Gümüşpınar neighborhood.

The season was fruitful

Especially in the mountain districts, the city has completed a very efficient asphalt season, aiming to complete the transportation investments without pushing the winter, and completed the hot asphalt pavement of the 3,5 kilometer of Karaca İshaklar Neighborhood road in Harmancık district. In the district of Balatdanişment in Harmancık, the 2 mile hot asphalt and the Kadetlar, Akpınar, Gedikören and Kocapınar were covered by 24.

In the Keles district, approximately 20 kilometer surface covering work was completed in Kozluöreren, Kıranışıklar cemetery road and inner neighborhood, Uzunöz Kıranışıklar, Turanköy, Davutlar, Harmandemirci and Dedeler.

In the scope of the road works in Büyükorhan district, Aktaş, Pınarköy, Çeribaşı, Hacıahmetler, Kayapa, Balaban, Yenice, Burunca and Sarnic were covered with 16 kilometer surface coating and 13 kiln was covered with hot asphalt.

We reach the target

Mayor Alinur Aktas, not only in the city center, but also gave priority to the transportation investments in the town of 17, asphalt season, they said they are moving step by step to the target they set. Mountain counties in all districts, especially in the teams working day and night that expresses President Aktas, "Bursa to be easier to reach every corner of our teams, our districts in the road construction and maintenance activities are continuing rapidly," he said.

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