Bursa MP Kayışoğlu Ask Varank for Automotive Test Center

bursa deputy kayisoglu varanka asked the automotive testing center
bursa deputy kayisoglu varanka asked the automotive testing center

CHP Bursa Deputy, Constitutional Commission Member Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu brought the Automotive Test Center to the agenda, where industrialists have been waiting for the foundation to be laid in 2019 in the 2013 budget negotiated in the Plan Budget Commission. The Minister of Industry and Technology asked Mustafa Varank when the Automotive Test Center, whose construction was decided in Yenişehir, will be operational. However, he could not get the response he expected from the Minister.

Drawing attention to the “budget right” in the talks at the Plan Budget Committee, Altaca Kayışoğlu called out to the members of the AKP: “I want you to look back and look back at your past. When you established your party in 2002, you accepted the budget right as one of the fundamental fundamental rights and freedoms. You were working on making arrangements on this issue and it was also included in your program, but at the point we arrived, we are discussing the budget here today by handing over the budget right to a single person in 2017. Therefore, I have to emphasize that this mistake must be corrected because an important right must be handed over to the Assembly again and regulated in the Constitution within the scope of fundamental rights and freedoms as it should be. ”

Emphasizing that the Tenth Five-Year Plan has ended, but the 2019 budget has been prepared without the Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan, CHP Bursa Deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu said, “Unfortunately, the development plan was not prepared during the Republican history and according to what the budget law was prepared accordingly. we do not know that a budget law has been prepared. Mr. Minister, in your presentation, you say, 'Our country has become the 190rd among 43 countries in the Ease of Doing Business Index.' This does not mean that our country is in a good position and investments will increase. Why doesn't he come? It was mentioned a while ago, and I would like to emphasize especially as a lawyer: While in the Rule of Law Index, it has fallen to 113th place among 101 countries, while these debates about Atatürk's heritage have been brought to the agenda, While it can be done very easily and against the legislation, provide as much work convenience as you want, remove all the procedures, make sure that there is no investment in this country unless we provide it. For this reason, first of all, democracy, common mind and the rule of law should be made dominant. I wish we could put this measure on this presentation, if we could see that we had progressed on the Rule of Law Index, then we would be really proud. ” said.

Altaca Kayışoğlu also pointed out the expectations of the industrialists in the negotiations on the budget of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

“Our industrialists also have expectations. Industrialists say: 'There is a configuration every few months and we feel ourselves punished as people who pay our taxes and premiums on time; we do not receive any positive incentives in this regard, we do not receive any support. Again, our industrialists are waiting for the VATs accumulated and legally entitled to be paid, they want these rights to be granted during this crisis; they have VAT receivables that they have not received for a long time. Third: They state that there is a confusion, uncertainty and often problems with the lease contracts translated into Turkish lira, and especially during this period when they need long-term loans, the credit period given by Eximbank to the exporting companies was shortened by seven hundred and twenty days, two hundred and forty. day it falls, it can indicate that the cause of a problem, "warned the AKP, in power since bulundu.2002 in the first year of the Turkey project qualifies as dumps reminding CHP Bursa deputy Nurhayat Altace KAYIŞOĞLU, Industry and Technology Ministry of their views on the budget ended with these words : “These projects have become a mountain beyond garbage dump today. For example, the auto testing center that should be done in Bursa Yenişehir in 2013 has not been built yet, no steps have been taken. The Bursa-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project, which was promised to be finished in 2012, the foundation of which was laid in 2016, almost faced decay. There are many projects like this. Unfortunately, Bursa is also a victim of this issue. ”

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