Bursa Industry Summit Doors Open to Visitors

bursa industry actors opened the summit
bursa industry actors opened the summit

Bursa Industry Summit Fairs, which is the meeting of Bursa in the machinery sector, opened its doors at TÜYAP Bursa International Fair and Congress Center. 20 346 from the country is prepared with the participation of the company and the representative and 40 2 over the thousand visitors is expected to last until December Sunday. The second most important fairs in our country will bring mobility to Turkey's economy is expected 500 million worth of business volume for four days. 60 is the domestic producer of the exhibitors and the exhibitions offer the latest technology products to the visitors.

all pieces of Turkey at the opening of the summit brings together industry; Deputy Governor of Bursa Mustafa Özsoy, Deputy Chairman of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Zehra Sönmez, Vice Chairman of BTSO Cüneyt Şener, Chairman of the Board of Machinery Manufacturers Association (MİB) Ahmet Özkayan, Vice President of the Board of Directors Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (TİAD) Murat Akyüz, Tüyap Bursa Trade Fairs Inc. General Manager İlhan Ersözlü and prominent representatives of the business world took their place.

Business Interview Near 2500

Bringing together all the stakeholders of the machinery manufacturing sector, Bursa Industry Summit draws attention to the products of the latest technology innovation. A breath of fresh air in the machinery manufacturing industry of the summit kazanTuyap Bursa Fairs Inc. General Manager İlhan Ersözlü said that the commercial activities that will take place at the fair will have significant contributions to our country. Erözlü continued his words by saying: “Of all the fairs in Turkey, Bursa fairs have become the number one organization of our country in terms of manufacturer participation. This fair was accepted by all over the world. Since the companies inside are companies with the export capacity to 130 -140 countries, there are participants from many different geographies in the fair. The business connections that will be formed during the fair, with the participation of the delegations from more than 40 domestic industrial cities, will provide great opportunities for the participating companies to open up to new markets, while also providing advantages in terms of employment. We think that more than 2500 bilateral business meetings will take place during the fair. Bilateral business meetings are held within the scope of 3 separate UR-GE projects of Bursa Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BTSO) for the machinery, aerospace, defense industry and rail systems industry.

50 One Thousand Business People from Country

Cüneyt Şener, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO said: Başkan A fair is a fair where participation is intense. 7 has a great interest in the domestic and foreign participants of our hall is full. locomotive Bursa city of Turkey's economy, exports 121 as we leave the country, doubling the national average of ulaştı.xnumx xnumx'lik percent share of the medium-high technology. In the transition to the Industrial Revolution, Bursa is now preparing for a stronger future with new generation industrial zones such as TEKNOSAB and SME OIZ, logistics center, R & D and excellence centers. In addition, projects such as GUHEM and Model Factory, which are among the priority action plans of our economy Bursamız to taşıyor.ihracat a central location that performs Turkey's dreams within our industry Summit today with the strategic nature for our country aerospace, aviation and we have made our sectors such as machinery and rail systems with the defense together with our Ur-D project about a thousand business people from xnumxülke with our members in Bursa we have brought together eler

Manufacturing Industry Breaks Export Record

Underlining where the rising industry is seen in Bursa, the Machine Tools Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TİAD) Vice Chairman Murat Akyüz emphasized that they are happy to be under the roof of the Industry Summit as TİAD. Çeltikçi said, ı We support all specialized trade fairs that we believe will add value to our industry. which improves the strategic importance of strengthening the structure of Bursa Industry Summit we care about the country's industry is increasing, because Bursa, the leading sector and the productive capacity of the site is Turkey's lifeblood. Automotive, mold making, textiles and manufacturing industry sectors in the world are located in Bursa, therefore Bursa's name is identified with industry. As such, the 60 of the machine tools should not be used in Bursa. The Bursa Industry Summit is an excellent platform for strengthening and exposing this structure. As TİAD, we are aware of the critical role played by machine tools to produce itself, to produce domestic and national aircraft, and to produce ships and heavy industries, not as part of the car. T

National Production National Power

Bursa Industry Summit last year, as it was very important in this year, drawing attention to the Board of Mechanical Manufacturers (MIB) Chairman Ahmet Ozkayan, domestic production is very important, he said. Özkayan continued his words as follows: ile In addition to the economic contribution of the trade fairs to our country, it is important to meet the visitors with the latest technology products produced by our domestic and national machinery industry, which is declared as strategic sector. 'National production and national power' vision with the support of the MIB fairs will be held with domestic and foreign visitors will have positive contributions to both domestic and foreign trade. Today, the per capita income of the countries which have the national industry increased. The countries that can not reveal their own national industry power contribute to the goods and R & D studies with the importation made by the developed countries dependent on the industrial and technology goods. As Mib, we give importance to the emergence of our national industry by working with result oriented. We are the first country in the export of agricultural machinery and mill facilities. The ratio of imports of sheet metal forming machines is 20, which is one of the most successful sectors. While 2017 was at the level of 55 in the year 2018, the ratio of exports to imports was at the level of 9 in the first 62. The share of machinery exports in total exports is 8.62 and continues to increase. The average export value per kilogram and a half dollars value added 1 Turkey will not be able to rise unless we produce high products. Our machinery manufacturing sector is quite young. Makine

Important for the Branding of Bursa

Addressing the importance of trade fairs, Zehra Sönmez, Deputy Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that Bursa has many values. Sönmez continued his words: “Bursa Sanayi Zirves is a very important step towards Bursa's branding. Industrial fairs 17. In 1949, it became a huge industry meeting. We hosted countless visitors from many countries at the summit held last year. The commercial activities that will be realized during the exhibition process will make a great contribution to Bursa and the country's economy. Fuar

Great contribution to Bursa's economy

Bursa Deputy Governor Mustafa Özsoy: “Bursa has been one of the important trade places in every period of history. Developing this experience day by day, Bursa is one of the cities that contribute to the export-based growth targets of the Turkish economy today. Producers who add value to Bursa, the city of fairs, show up at this fair. Bursa makes an important contribution to our country's exports. The summit, which includes software and cutting-edge products, which are the main components of Industry 4.0, has a strategic importance and is one of the 3 biggest fairs of our country. During this fair, the participants will show us where they can come. This summit gave a new impetus to Bursa's economy. kazanwill stand," he said.

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