Promising Developments for Bursa High Speed ​​Line


High Speed ​​Train is a big project that Bursa is waiting for with longing and patience. Stopping the construction of the high-speed train in the context of savings measures were met with sadness in the city and the region. However, there is a development that revives the hopes.

Olay Newspaper writer Ahmet Emin Yılmaz conveys this development in the following corner:
Ik Monday morning hours 07.27 ği When we were notified that the application received a message on our mobile phone, we opened it and looked at it. From an old friend tan bir
In the following article, Ahmet Emin Yilmaz explained that the 'old friend' was a famous politician and he stated that there is a strong lobby for the high-speed train to Bursa in Ankara and that President Erdoğan has given hope on this issue.
Here is Yilmaz's hope for re-growing hope:
President gave hope for high-speed train, now support time
Monday morning hours 07.27 ısı When we were notified that the application in our mobile phone had received a message, we opened it and looked at it.
An old friend dost
24 was born in December 1995 as ANAP Bursa Member of State Planning Organization (XAP).
At that time of morning o
On the knowledge of the fact that the high-speed train investment was postponed, GOOD Party Bursa deputy. Dr. Ismail Tatlıoğlu'nun İs Bursa, let's chase this high-speed train together ğı attracted the attention:
”Together, we should give the parties a strong shoulder and complete the project.“
23 years ago we are talking with İlhan Kesici, who was elected as deputy of Bursa, and he is sending a message. But we didn't know that he was watching Bursa enough to send a message in the 07.27 of the morning.
After that…
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was hopeful in his speech on Tuesday that promised provinces such as Bursa to reach a high-speed train up to several years.
This process can be solved by a small arrangement in the budget.
Besides the…
We were excited to see yesterday morning that the last piece was installed in the viaduct at the Passage, where 3 has stopped for months.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - is

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