BUDO Says Goodbye to Mudanya

budo says goodbye to mudana
budo says goodbye to mudana

BUDO connects Bursa with Istanbul by sea, Mudanya in Bursa, Eminönü and Büyükçekmece in Istanbul. However, the organization is preparing to change its piers in both Bursa and Istanbul.

Olay Newspaper According to the columnist İhsan Aydın, BUDO executives are in talks with IDO these days.

BUDO will use the IDO pier in Güzelyalı instead of Mudanya. With the completion of the Martı Project in Istanbul, BUDO will approach Kabataş again.

Towards the Common Harbor
BURULAŞ, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has taken action for the initiative to eliminate the traffic congestion caused by the sea transportation in Mudanya.

While talking with BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar, BUDO said that they will have a meeting in Bursa with the ownership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Güzelyalı, but the right of use will be removed from the port in İDO.

Çapar, two companies in Güzelyalı to use the same port before the agenda, the construction of Kabatas in Istanbul with the completion of the Martı project, said the common use here.
Capar also announced that BUDO will be relieved of the traffic of Mudanya with the arrival and departure of Güzelyalı.

Capar, emphasized that they expect a positive result from the negotiations with IDO managers.
With this initiative, BUDO will not make a new port investment by using a port which is already owned by Metropolitan Municipality. Capar also reported that the port of Mudanya will continue to be used for cargo transportation.

Source: İhsan Aydın - www.olay.com.tr

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