BTSO Members at the World's Most Important Space and Aviation Center

btso men in the world's most important space and aviation center
btso men in the world's most important space and aviation center

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry members visited Embassy Riddle Aeronautical University, which is an expert in aviation and space, and Kennedy Space Base used by NASA on all manned space flights as part of their US visits.

BTSO's Aerospace Aerospace and Defense (UHS) Ur-Ge and Global Fair Agency Project within the scope of a number of companies in Bursa in Bursa. BTSO members, who had the opportunity to establish new business connections at the FABTECH Machinery and Metal Processing Exhibition in Atlanta, also visited important institutions in the fields of aerospace and aviation such as Kennedy Space Base and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Members of the BTSO Aerospace Aerospace R&D made reviews at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, first established in Orlando in 1926 as part of US contacts. The BTSO delegation, which was welcomed by the University's Director of Government and Public Relations, Dylan Fisher, was given detailed information about the work carried out in departments such as rocket, cyber security, pilot trainings and astronomy on the training campus.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, which has started its activities as a flight school and undertook important studies such as space missions, unmanned / autonomous aircraft and space physics, also carries out training and air traffic control flights with small aircraft as well as 100 as well as business jets.

Visiting the Kennedy Space Base, which NASA has been using in all manned space flights since 1968, the delegation made investigations at the center, which is now used as the launch and surveillance facility of space shuttles.


James Kohnstamm, the Vice President of the BTSO, who spoke with the officials of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Miami, the last stop of US contacts, informed about investment opportunities and incentives in Miami. Mr. Kohnstamm said that Miami has an important infrastructure especially in the aviation industry. St There are companies close to 500 operating in aviation sector. 27 is the leader in the sector where a thousand people are employed, especially in terms of maintenance, repair, modification and flight training. In addition, we attach great importance to talent development programs in aviation issues. Ayrıca Kohnstamm also said they would be able to work on developing bilateral relations with groups based on the sector.

who met BCCI delegation of the Republic of Turkey Miami Consul General Burcu Ceylan also Turkish Airlines aircraft components also visited Quality Aircraft Parts company performs revisions received technical information on the work carried out from the company authority.


As a result of the studies carried out over the years in the US space and aviation sectors have taken the opportunity to observe the history of the delegation that they have the opportunity to observe the President Cem Bozdag, adımlar Bursa has a strong industrial potential and strategic sectors have a strong potential to make a name. Thanks to the studies carried out under the leadership of BTSO, a serious breakthrough is realized in the sectors such as space, aerospace and defense. The clustering groups formed and target-oriented foreign organizations gave our companies a new vision. The Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center, which was brought to the city especially under the leadership of our Chamber, is a big step in extending the horizon of our young people in space. We have seen once again how important investments are in this matter. Bu


US Aerospace Defense Cluster President Mustafa Hatipoglu said that the companies returned with significant gains from the visits. Hatipoğlu stated that UHS Ur-Ge had a significant synergy in the sector and added: oğlu Our companies have developed business culture with cluster and Ur-Ge projects. Afterwards, our Ur-Ge members started to contact their new business partners in the international arena by breaking the shell. Ardından


Dr. Kennedy Space Base, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Quality Aircraft Parts company visit to the development of Ur-Ge members are very important for Dr. Hatipoglu, kez Embry Riddle Aeronautical University founded in 1926 in the investigation of the importance of transforming academic knowledge into products once again saw the importance. We also evaluated the cooperation with our cluster. Our visit to the Kennedy Space Base expanded the horizons of our companies in space. In addition, the information given to us by Quality Aircraft Parts Company, where the parts of the aircraft used by Turkish Airlines were renewed, gave courage to our companies who want to do business with America kul.

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