Mayor Türel: "We Must Submerge Transport Now"

we need to get under the head of the tour
we need to get under the head of the tour

Speaking at ATSO's award ceremony, Mayor Menderes Türel stated that they had made record investments in Antalya in the last 5 year, and thanked all the mayors including the center where they carried out mutual respect without making polemics.

At the 50th Traditional Award Ceremony of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO), the 'bests' of the Antalya economy were awarded. Speaking at the ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel congratulated the award-winning companies, business people and friends, and this year everyone in Antalya, including all tourism professionals, tourism workers, the transportation industry, driver, security and cleaning officers and artisans, deserved a great thanks and award. Türel explained that he never saw foreign tourists as much as he saw in the city center this year and emphasized that this success is the success of Antalya and everyone.

Developed in Antalya
Despite numerous economic and political obstacles President Turel, indicating that Turkey's progress, "has continued its development of Antalya. Put together the photos of today's 2004 with Antalya. 15 years ago, security shortages, electricity, roads, sewage, treatment, rainwater, such as many problems, inadequate hospitals, social assistance is almost no Antalya was talking about. Now, thank God. Today in the mountain village of Akseki, Mehmet Amcaya is the only one in the mountain village. Bedridden shares the patient's burden Y.

We broke the record as Metropolitan
Underlining that Konyaalti Beach Project is a project that brings significant added value to both tourism and artisans, Türel said altın If Antalya broke a record in tourism, we broke a record in the investments as Metropolitan. The investments made to Antalya in the last five years are indeed a great record. The Eastern ring road, the western ring road, the buildings, intersections, parks we built do not end up counting. All of this has directly benefited the trade and industry of the city and the development of our city has contributed to tourism. During this period, Antalya really developed. Kepez evolved. You will see Elmalı, Akseki, Alanya, Kaş, and you will be happy to see the works we do and the work of our district municipalities. El

Thanks to the Presidents
President Türel continued his words as follows: iyi We have experienced one of our best periods as Antalya municipalities in these five years. No need to remind the period before 2014. Fortunately, we carried out a study that was compatible with all our mayors, without making a fight, without polemics, and with respect to duty and mutual respect. On this occasion, I would like to thank all the mayors in Antalya, especially the presidents of our central districts such as Muratpaşa, Kepez, Konyaaltı and Döşemealtı ...

We need transport now underground.
Mr. Türel said that the city museum project continued with the green area around him. Kent Many projects were said for our project in Konyaaltı beach, City Museum, but here is the Arson. These are the projects that will transform the city center of Antalya, stimulate the trade and support the tourism with the new city squares. Getting started is half the way and these projects started. The distance we need to take in our transport infrastructure is still long, it is now time to take transport underground. In the smart city projects are one of the most advanced cities in Turkey. We have invested a lot in health services, disabled services and we will be an ambitious city with smart health technologies. Antalya will not come only to tourism, disabled friendly, loyal to the elderly, open and open, no one will come to the heart of the city will come, "he said.


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