Mayor Tuna: "Priority in Transport is in Rail Systems"

pre-existing rail systems
pre-existing rail systems

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna attended the conference titled “World Urbanism Day and the Future of the Capital” organized by the Center for Economic and Social Research (ESAM).

Speaking at the conference attended by ESAM President Recai Kutan, students and other invitees, President Tuna underlined the fact that this process has reached the urbanization focused on rent, by drawing attention to the squatting and skewed settlement created by the ongoing migration phenomenon.


Stating that district municipalities are only able to offer opinions and proposals about development plans, President Tuna said, sadece Rize based sales increases have increased after they took office. We won't allow it. I want to say that; There are places such as the duplex housing, some parcels 20-30 storey buildings. Citizen wanted to have a quiet garden with a garden away from the center of the city. Is this right or justice? Bu he said.


Emphasizing the importance of human-centered urbanization, President Tuna explained the importance of neighborhood culture with the following words:

“We need to spread the neighborhood culture. Nobody knows anyone in our neighborhoods. Neighborhood culture will be that people can socialize with each other. This is due to various difficulties such as internet addiction in young people. Yok


providing information about major projects carried out in the recent Capital Chairman Danube, Dikmen whole wheat, Akköprü and Samsun Highway after the completion of the return of Turk Telekom Ankara traffic junction relax, he said.

Stating that many of them were accelerated infrastructure projects that will prevent water floods, President Tuna stated that the teas in Ankara would be improved:

"40-50 years ago made drinking water lines going in serious trouble. Their repairs are not possible either. They need to be renewed. Once you enter the infrastructure of the whole city, the city will be locked. This needs to be done gradually. This year, we held perhaps the biggest auctions in ASKI's history. We held a tender of approximately 1,5 billion liras and those constructions continue. These will be completed next year. Sewage wastes poured into Ankara, Çubuk and Hatip Creek will also be collected by collectors and sent for treatment. The pollution and stench caused by the wastes contaminated by these teas will be prevented. ”


President Tuna stated that it is important to expand the rail systems in the capital by considering population growth and migration and said Başkan I talked with our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about rail systems. Aydınlıkevler-Siteler-Kuyubaş- Airport Line, Etlik Hospital-Forum Ankara Line, Dikimevi-Mamak Line and Söğütözü-METU Line were included in the government program. Aydın


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