Mayor Erkoç: Örnek We Will Make Kahramanmaraş in Transportation “

head of the president will make the example of heroic ship
head of the president will make the example of heroic ship

Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoc, Kahramanmaras will be an exemplary province in transportation, he said.

Noting that they attach a special importance to transportation since the day they took office, President Erkoç stated that they have accomplished many works such as new roads, boulevards, overpasses, overpasses, public transportation and parking lots.

President Erkoç expressed his endeavors to make Kahramanmaraş an example in transportation: örnek We have made new roads, boulevards, overpasses and overpasses and we continue to do so with the effort to open up the veins clogged in Kahramanmaraş since our arrival. Sümbüllü Boulevard, Mehmet Ali Kısakürek Boulevard, Turgut Özal Boulevard, Hospital Boulevard with boulevards, Ulucami Tunnel junction, Karamanlı Junction, Abdulhamithan Junction, such as traffic intersections have provided a relief. We have also doubled the number of closed parking vehicles.

Our ongoing Northern Ring Road will connect Gaziantep Road from the north. Apart from this, we will also make the South Ring Road. With the completion of these ring roads, truck and truck crossings will shift from the city center to these roads. At the moment, our new roads and bridges that will connect our Western Neighborhoods to the city center continue at full speed. With the completion of it, the transportation of our western neighborhoods to the city center will be shorter by 10 kilometers. Or

President Erkoç pointed out that the road problem of Kahramanmaraş is also a subject of folk songs: Başkan We have given great importance to the road since we took office. In the past, such as Susuz Urfa and Yolsuz Maraş, Aşık Mahsuni has his songs. Over the past year 15 Honorable President of the Republic of Turkey led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to be signed very important achievement. We have been working as a municipality since our work by increasing our work and our own work by offering high-quality projects that are waiting for a moment before the end of the job, "he said.

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